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Deuces and Joker Power Poker

Deuces and Joker Power Poker Screenshot

Deuces and Joker Power Poker is a highly popular poker variation that is available to players here at Casino-Mate online casino. The Deuces and Joker Power Poker game has a large fan base that is increasing daily. This is because of the easy gameplay. The regular and frequent wins also make it a favourite among poker enthusiasts playing at Casino-Mate.

In the poker game Deuces and Joker Power Poker, the joker and all the deuces are wilds. This has a beneficial effect to players. Wilds increase the possible ways to win the game. The poker variant has a bonus game that increases winning potential in the game.

Gameplay of Deuces and Joker Power Poker at Casino-Mate

Deuces and Joker Power Poker is a 53 card deck poker variant. The fifty-third card is the Joker. As previously mentioned, the Joker and the all the deuces are wilds. This means they can substitute any other card to complete a winning hand. The twos of all the four suits are also wilds. This gives four more wilds that can increase winnings. It is the wilds feature that makes it different from other poker games.

The wilds will automatically change into whatever card is most useful to the player. This is done through a pre-programmed computer calculation that is designed to create the best possible hand.

Money Matters When Playing Deuces and Joker Power Poker

Players are required to select a coin size they want to use during the game before the game begins. Once the coin size is set, the wager can be made. Players are allowed to wager anything from one coin up to five coins.

If players get a win while playing Deuces and Joker Power poker at Casino-Mate, the game gives you an opportunity to double your winnings. This opportunity is presented in the Double Your Money bonus game. To win in this game, the player is required to choose one card from four which has a greater value than the displayed card.

If you have never played this game before, then today is as good a day as any to experience Poker in a totally different way. Play Deuces and Joker Power Poker today at Casino-Mate.