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Deuces and Joker 100 Play Power Poker

Deuces and Joker 100 Play Power Poker Screenshot

Casino-Mate online casino brings you this one of a kind poker game direct to your computer. It would be a great injustice if this great game was not available at one of the best online casinos. Deuces and Joker 100 Play Power Poker game is a unique variant of a one of a kind poker game.

The gameplay is easy and simple to understand. Imagery and sound are crispier and better laid out than you would expect. The payouts are the icing on the cake. Join Casino-Mate today and be thrilled by this marvellous online video poker game.

Gameplay in Deuces and Joker 100 Play Poker

As the name indicates the game has a Joker. The Joker is the extra card which means the playing deck has 53 cards instead of the usual fifty-two cards. Deuces and Joker 100 Play Poker has a payout percentage of 99.37%. This can be attributed to the wilds in the game. The wilds in the game are the Joker and the all the Deuces as the name cleverly suggests. Wilds in this version of poker can replace all other cards. This increases the chances of scoring a winning hand.

The uniqueness of the game is in the number of hands you can play simultaneously. This version of Deuces and Joker allows players to play up to one hundred hands of poker simultaneously. All the hands are each dealt from separate decks. An interesting feature in the game is the Auto hold setting which players can activate or deactivate as they wish. The feature drastically simplifies gameplay.

Winning Deuces and Jokers 100 Power Play Poker at Casino-Mate

This is really simple to achieve as the game’s high payout percentages show. The first stage is to join the best online casino, obviously! After this players need to select a coin size to use while betting. Then the next stage is to select the number of coins to wager per hand. Then get ready to start winning right here Casino-Mate playing Deuces and Joker 100 Play Power Poker.