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Online Video Poker: Caribbean Draw Poker

Caribbean Draw Poker is a very popular online table game. This variant of table poker is part of the Gold series table games. Like most poker games, Caribbean draw poker requires players to employ some sort of strategy. Caribbean Draw Poker is popular mainly because of the progressive jackpot that is offered in the game. This is the major difference between this game and other versions of poker. Play Caribbean Draw Poker for real money here at Casino-Mate online casino where a side bet of $1.00 can win you a hefty jackpot.

Caribbean Draw Poker Online
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Caribbean Draw Poker Gameplay

The game begins with players placing an ante bet which is the initial bet. At this stage players are given the option to place a side bet that qualifies them for the progressive jackpot. The ante bet can be any of the six amounts which range from $1 through to $100. The jackpot qualifying bet is only $1.

Once bets are placed, the card dealing begins. The player receives five cards, all face up. The dealer also receives five cards but only one of the cards will be face up. The player can then choose to continue playing. To continue playing, the player places a 'raise' bet which is more than the ante bet. If the player feels their hand is poor they can choose to 'fold' and forfeit the ante bet.

If the game continues the player can then choose to replace one or two cards of the initial hand. The dealer can also replace up to two of the cards or as regulated by the casino.

How You Win at Caribbean Draw Poker

For the dealer’s hand to qualify it must contain at least a pair of eights or better. If the dealers hand fails to qualify them, the ante bet is paid even money and all other bets are carried over to the next play. The carrying over of bets is known as pushing.

Payout tables are clearly displayed on the screen. The bonus bet increases the winnings several times over. A royal flush pays 100 to 1 without the bonus bet. However, when the bonus bet is played, players can win the progressive jackpot.

Fans of strategy based casino games will definitely enjoy playing Caribbean Draw Poker here at Casino-Mate. They will also enjoy the bonus bet option which brings big jackpots to the world of online poker.

Win with a Bonus Bet in Caribbean Draw Poker Online

Caribbean Draw Poker is all about upping the stakes. That’s why before every game, online casino players can place an additional and optional side bet. This side bet places you in the running to win the massive progressive jackpot or other big bonus jackpot prizes.

These bonus side bets are paid out according to your initial 5-card poker hand and is completely optional and independent of the main aim of the game. If your initial hand has two pairs or better, you automatically win the bonus bet payout. This has nothing to do with having a better hand than the dealer or changing your cards. Here is a list of the other bonus payouts you could win with this additional side bet:

  • Royal flush: Wins you the progressive jackpot
  • Straight flush: Wins you 2,500 credits
  • Four of a kind: Wins you 500 credits
  • Full house: Wins you 50 credits
  • Flush: Wins you 30 credits
  • Straight: Wins you 15 credits
  • Three of a kind: Wins you 5 credits
  • Two pair: Wins you 4 credits