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Aces and Faces Level Up Poker Review

Aces and Faces Level-Up video poker is another action packed multi-level video poker game. Casino-Mate online casino brings this supercharged video poker game review to all our online casino players. The game has four levels to go through. Aces and Faces Level-Up video poker will definitely keep you engaged with its unique game play. The best part about Aces and Faces Level Up is that players can win payouts that could be multiplied by 2, 4 or even 8 times your original bet!

Aces and Faces level Up Screenshot

Aces and Faces Level-Up Video Poker Game Play

Aces and Faces Level-Up video poker is a skill-based game of chance. The more skillful a player is, the more likely they are to walk away with sizable wins regularly. Played with a 52-card deck, the game has no jokers or wild cards. Regardless of being a multi-level poker game, the game is relatively easy to play and simple to understand.

The lower limit of the betting range in Aces and Faces Level-Up video poker is $0.10 and the upper limit is $1.00. Such a betting range makes the game appeal to all types of gamblers.

The game has special features which reward players with opportunities to play for bigger prizes. The Free ride card enables players to progress to a higher level. The benefit of playing in the higher level is the potential of getting larger wins.

How to Move Up Each Level in This Video Poker Variant

This video poker variant is played much in the same way as the classic poker game. Players are dealt a five-card hand, after which they need to select the cards they want to keep and trade in the others. This will help you build your strongest hand. However, only one hand is visible on level 1, while the other three are face down.

Getting a winning hand will earn you a payout and take you to the next level. On level 2, a separate deck of 52-cards is used so it is possible to get the same or similar hand of cards dealt to you again. Once you move up to level 3, things get really exciting. At level 3, payouts are four times what’s stated on the pay table. The final level is level 4, where the payouts are eight times the amount on the pay table.

Hands and Payouts in Aces and Faces Level Up Poker

Just like in most casino games at Casino-Mate online casino, Aces and Faces Level-Up poker only pays the jackpot win in full when the maximum wager was placed. The maximum wager in this game is five coins.

A Royal Flush pays the highest jackpot of 4,000 coins. Four aces pay 400 times your bet and four a kind face cards pay 200 times your bet. Aces and Faces Level-Up video poker pays out on standard poker winning hands. The lowest hand paid out is Jacks which is paid at a rate of 5 times your bet.

Playing Aces and Faces Level-Up video poker at Casino-Mate online casino can potentially change your life, if lady luck is on your side.