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Play Aces and Faces 50 Play Power Poker

Aces and Faces 50 Play Power Poker is a special poker variant that allows players to play 50 paylines in one play. Casino-Mate online casino brings you this online video poker game review right to your fingertips. Aces and Faces 50 Play Power Poker is an amazing game which has a huge jackpot waiting to be won by lucky players. The game not only has several high paying hand combinations but is very flexible in the way a player can bet. Casino-Mate online casino gives all newly signed up players a few extra dollars to spend on a serious chance to win big when playing our online casino games.

Aces and Faces 50 Play Power Poker Screenshot Screenshot

Aces and faces 50 Play Power Poker Gameplay

The main focus of the game is to get as many of the 50 hands rated higher than the dealer’s hands. Hands are rated in the same way as traditional poker hands are rated. The major difference is that in this version of poker, hands with aces or face cards pay better than other hands. Aces and Faces 50 Play Power Poker is played against the dealer. There are no hands played against other players.

The game allows players to wager anything between 1 and 5 coins per hand. This makes the maximum possible wager 250 coins.

Playing a Round of Aces and Faces 50 Play Power Poker

Playing Aces and Faces 50 Play Power Poker is as easy as playing the traditional card game of poker. There are online slight differences to this video poker variant that players need to learn before they bet any real money. Online casino players should know that this game has a double-up power option and they can play up to 50 different hands. Another difference is that players can place side hi lo bets in a card game.

There’s so much real cash to be won while playing this online casino game. Players will also stay entertained for hours while chasing that Royal Flush which pays out 500 times your bet!

List of Hands in Aces and Faces 50 Play Power Poker

All video poker variants use the same list of hands the original game of poker used. However, each variant of video poker varies slightly on which hands make the pay table and which pay a bonus payout. Here’s a short list of the highest paying hands in Aces and Faces 50 Play Power.

  • The Royal Flush- This is the jackpot hand. The hand has a potential jackpot of 4,000 coins. However, to win the jackpot players need to be playing the maximum bet.
  • Aces and Faces- The title hands of the game! These also have massive payouts when players manage to get four of a kind of aces or the face cards.
  • Any Other four of a kind- Get any other four of a kind for a good payout.

Play Aces and Faces 50 Play Power Poker today at Casino-Mate online casino and break the bank with the massive wins offered in the lucrative Poker version.