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Play Aces and Faces 100 Play Power Poker

Casino-Mate online casino offers this amazing review to allow players the chance to win big with this one of a kind poker game. The game offers players a chance to play up to a hundred poker hands simultaneously. The unique game play is to give the player a significantly higher edge. Only a true mate would bring such a game into the homes of thousands of gamblers to give them a shot at video poker success.

Aces and Faces 100 Play Power Poker Game

Aces and Faces 100 Play Power Poker Gameplay

This video poker variant can be played in beginner mode and expert mode. In beginner mode, novice video poker players are given the option to choose the auto-play function. While playing in expert mode, online casino players have access to previous game statistics. Besides access to these awesome data tables, players can also select the speed at which the game is dealt. There are four levels of speed available. These levels are fastest, fast, medium and slow.

How to Play Aces and Faces 100 Play Power Poker

Aces and Faces 100 Play Power Poker is played slightly different to other video poker variants. While every hand is still the same as with traditional poker, the way this game is played differs. Players will get to learn the difference between the decision hand and then the poker power hands.

After you’ve placed your bets according to coin size and number, players will begin a round of Aces and Faces 100 Play Power Poker. The decision hand is the first five cards dealt to online casino players. It is crucial to note that no bets are placed on the actual decision hand and only on the power play hands. However, players must still choose the favourable cards they want to keep from the decision hand, these will form part of your power hands.

After playing the decision hand round where you’ve selected which cards to keep, all 100 hands will proceed to be dealt out. Each hand will be made up of the cards you held from the decision hand, plus randomly dealt out cards to make a five-card hand.

Winning Hands in Aces and Faces 100 Play Power Poker.

The game pays out any hand with two pairs from jacks to higher hands. As the name of the game suggests, the higher paying hands are the Aces and the faces. The face cards include the King, the Queen and the Jack. The highest paying combination of cards is the Royal Flush. This is the same as in most other poker games. However, for players to take the big jackpot they have to be wagering the maximum bet.

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