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Online Video poker is a unique internet casino game offered by Casino-Mate Online Casino. This gambling game takes online casino gaming to another level with its gameplay. Video poker is a combination of traditional pokies and five-card draw poker game. Basically, it is a slightly different format of poker with the interface of a pokie machine. The result is a fast paced and easy to play gambling game. Only leading online casino sites provide players with the opportunity to play any kind of video poker variant. Play your favourite video poker games for free at the finest online casino on the web. Casino-Mate offers a variety of poker machines you can play on your desktop or mobile.

Our video poker games payouts are one of the most lucrative in all real money online casino sites. This makes playing video poker games one of the most rewarding games in online casino. Casino-Mate makes this popular online gambling game easy to learn and loads of fun to play. All our video poker games are instantly playable, without any download needed. This goes for all our casino games like online pokies, blackjack, roulette, craps, and baccarat. Learn how to play online video poker and other gambling games for free at one the best online casino sites on the internet.

How to Play Video Poker Online

Playing top-rated video poker at a leading online casino makes online gambling as easy as following a few simple steps. The main aim of video poker is to get the best possible hand of five cards across two card deals. Follow these three easy steps to learn how to win mega real cash jackpots while playing video poker:

Step 1

Choose a video poker variant and set your credit level for each spin.

Step 2

You will then be dealt a specific number of cards, from a specific number of decks. This all depends on the video poker variant you choose to play.

Step 3

Select the cards you want to keep to build the best poker hand. The other cards will be replaced. Read below to learn what the highest paying video poker hands are.

Highest Paying Poker Hands

  • Five of a Kind:Consists of five cards that are of the same rank. This is only possible when multiple decks are used in a game of Video Poker.
  • Royal Flush:This hand consists of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten. It has four possible combinations – one for each suit. In standard poker, 'Royal Flush' is the highest paying poker hand. In Video Poker, it is usually regarded as a separate hand.
  • Straight Flush:This poker hand consists of 5 cards that are of the same rank and in an ordered sequence.
  • Four of a Kind:This poker hand contains four cards that are of the same rank and another card of a different rank. An example of 'Four of a Kind' would be four 7s, from each different suit, and one other card.
  • Full House:This hand consists of three cards of one rank, and two cards of another rank. 'Full House' is sometimes referred to as 'Full Boat'. If there are two hands that have a 'Full House' in the same game, then the hand with the higher pair wins.

Types of Online Video Poker Games

Jacks or Better

This is the most played video poker variation. It features a high payout rate for real money gaming fans. It's the perfect game to start learning poker as it's easy to grasp and fun to play. Read more

Tens or Better

This video poker variation offers a lucrative real cash payout of 6:5. ‘Tens or Better’ gives players endless opportunities. Play between 4 to 100 hands at the same time with Bonus Rounds. Remember, to claim the 4000-coin jackpot; you need to bet the maximum. Read more

Joker's Wild

This Video Poker variant includes a Joker. The joker in this game can substitute for any card. This can strengthen your hand. The addition of the Joker increases your chances of getting a winning combination. It brings a whole new level of excitement to real money gaming. The maximum payout in this game is an incredible 5000-coins. Read more

Deuces Wild

In 'Deuces Wild' you can play as many as 100 hands. This increases your odds of winning and reaping huge rewards. No joker cards are featured in this variant. 'Deuces Wild' is different to other variants of video poker because it can be found in the pay table. It’s easy to learn and suitable for beginner poker players. Poker pros will also find it challenging as they put their skills and strategies to the test. Read more

Bonus Poker

This variation of online video poker, offered at Casino-Mate, is packed with fun and excitement. 'Bonus Poker' has an extra bonus card combination of 'Four of a Kind', which earns players a larger jackpot payout. This game is recommended for all kinds of online casino players. The attractive design and captivating graphics make it a popular choice in top online casino sites. Read more

Double Bonus

This video poker variation offers a bonus payout for getting Four Aces. It is very similar to the original version of video poker. The main difference is the payout structure. Certain winning hands will yield higher payouts than they usually would. Play this exciting version, with bigger real cash rewards at Casino-Mate. Read more

Double Double Bonus

For players seeking an extra big real money jackpot, look no further. Leading online gaming providers now offer another exciting variant of online video poker. In this version, a winning hand will yield the chance to win even more cash prizes with bonus rounds. If you happen to hold a 'Royal Flush', you'll be the ultimate winner. This will reward you with the top jackpot of 4000-coins. Read more

Aces and Eights

This is one of many unique Online Video Poker variants offered at Casino-Mate. This game allows players to customize their gameplay. Aces and Eights Poker also includes a Bonus Round. This is a great way for players to grow their real money bankroll. Read more

Aces and Faces

Online casino players highly recommend playing this variant. Land a Royal Flush in this game and you’ll walk away with the maximum jackpot worth 4000-coins. Read more

Play Video Poker Games for Real Money

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