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Play Roulette Royale at Casino-Mate

Online roulette royale is a version of European roulette with a twist. This version of online roulette is the only progressive jackpot roulette game. Just like European roulette, royale players can choose from a number of bets and bet as they see fit.


You probably noticed that our site hosts some ace progressive jackpots. These games have high payouts, so we suggest that you read up on roulette royale before taking a spin. The progressive jackpot works as follows:

• Players place bets for each round at multiple casinos.
• A piece of each bet is added to the jackpot.
• When the jackpot is won, players can expect a full payout if they placed the maxi bet.
• The jackpot will then reset to a specific amount, and players can start betting again.

Roulette Royale Rules

The rules for roulette royale are the same as European roulette. However, there are a few differences:

• The max bet amount will depend on the type of bet you place.
• There are many betting options for players.
• Roulette royale has only one zero, so there is a lower house edge than for other types of online roulette.
• You can’t place any more bets after the wheel starts spinning.
• Players can place a side bet as well as normal bets.

Roulette Royale Betting Options

Roulette royale offers players a variety of betting options. To make things a little easier for you to understand, Casino-Mate provides you with a brief description of each betting option available:

• Inside bet: bets made on the inner section of the roulette table. These can either be on a single number or a combination of numbers.
• Straight-up bets: bets placed directly on single numbers, including 0.
• Split Bet: bets placed on two adjacent numbers and are placed on the line between the two numbers. These bets can also be placed on 0.
• Street Bet: street bets are bets placed on a row of numbers. Each row will contain three numbers.
• Corner Bets: bets placed on a group of four numbers. The chip is placed at the corner where the 4 numbers meet.
• Line Bets: bets placed on two rows. The bet is placed at the end of the two rows, on the line between each row.
• Outside Bets: bets placed on the outside section of the roulette wheel. These can include red or black, odd or even, 1-18 or 19-36.
• Column Bets: bets placed on an entire column. These bets are placed at the end of the column in the 2-1 box.
• Dozen Bets: bets placed on a group of numbers. Bets can be placed on either the 1st 12 box (1-12), 2nd 12 box (13-24), or the 3rd 12 box (25-36).
• Colour Bets: bets that are placed on either red or black. These bets are placed by players selecting the box or black box. This means players bet on either all the red numbers or all the black numbers.
• Odd/ Even Bets: bets that are placed either on even or odd numbers. This means players bet the ball will land on an even or odd number.
• High/ Low Bets: bets placed on the ball either landing on a low number (1-18) or a high number (19-36).

Winning the Roulette Royale Jackpot Side Bet

The jackpot side bet pays out every time the same number comes up on consecutive spins on the roulette wheel. What players don’t always understand is that they don’t have to bet on the winning number to win the jackpot. All that needs to happen is that the winning number needs to land between two and five times consecutively. The corresponding payouts are as follows:

• If the same number lands consecutively for two spins, players win 15 credits.
• If the same number lands consecutively for three spins, players win 200 credits.
• If the same number lands consecutively for four spins, players win 3,000 credits.
• If the same number lands consecutively for five spins, players will win the entire progressive jackpot amount.

Casino-Mate Offers the Best Roulette Royale

Roulette royale is one of the most popular versions of roulette because of the lower house edge. It appeals to players because it’s straightforward to play and win. The progressive jackpot of this game pays out higher and higher bets to online gamblers. Take a chance on this exciting online roulette version at Casino-Mate today! Take advantage of our sign-up bonuses for new players and start earning our weekly bonuses. We also have exciting monthly promotions for all of our players. So, try your luck and win with Casino-Mate.