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Multiplayer Roulette Real Money Review

Multiplayer Roulette allows online casino patrons to play against other online gamblers for a thrilling take on Multiplayer Roulette. Take multi-tasking to the next level with Multiplayer Roulette from Casino-Mate Online Casino. This style of game allows you to enter a virtual environment arena where you can view other player’s bets. Multiplayer Roulette will definitely have your competitive side come out as you watch how others perform.

Multiplayer Roulette at Casinos Online

Multiplayer Roulette offers the same level of excitement and thrill as any other version of online roulette. However, Casino-Mate now offers the opportunity for you to enter a real-time roulette table and play with others in an online environment using one roulette wheel.

Online Multiplayer Roulette Playing Rules

Multiplayer Roulette does not have too many different rules from traditional Roulette. But there are a few important ones to make note of:

  • It is important to see what the maximum bet of the table is, in order to get the most out of the game.
  • Players should always keep track of their wins and losses.
  • In Multiplayer Roulette, players should always be aware of what others are doing around them to pick up on any possible game strategies.
  • Multiplayer Roulette is much like playing at a land-based casino. There are other players also placing bets at the same time, so players have less time to think about their bets. Players need to place their bets before the dealer spins the wheel.
  • A timer will count down how much time the players have left to place their bets. This prevents players from being caught off guard.

How Online Multiplayer Roulette Works

  • Place your bets on the Roulette table, and wait for other players to do the same.
  • The dealer will announce when no more bets can be made.
  • The dealer will then spin the Roulette wheel.
  • Once the ball has landed in a pocket on the Roulette Wheel, the dealer will check the bets and pay out the winners.
  • Any losing bets will be collected by the dealer.
  • All bets will be paid out before the next round begins.

Online Multiplayer Roulette Betting Options

French Roulette offers players have a variety of betting options. To make it easier to understand these different betting options, Casino-Mate provides simple explanations of each.

  • Inside bet: Inside Bets refer to bets made on the inner section of the roulette wheel. These can either be on a single number or a combination of numbers.
  • Straight-up bet Straight-up bets are bets placed directly on single numbers, including 0.
  • Split Bet: Split Bets are bets placed on two adjacent numbers and are placed on the line between the two numbers. These bets can also be placed on 0.
  • Street Bet: Street bets are bets placed on a row of numbers. Each row will contain three numbers.
  • Corner Bet: Corner bets are bets placed on a group of four numbers. The chip is placed at the corner where the 4 numbers meet.
  • Outside Bet: Outside Bets are bets placed on the outside section of the roulette wheel. These can include; red or black, odd or even, 1-18 or 19-36.
  • Column Bet: Column bets are bets placed on an entire column. These bets are placed at the end of the column in the 2-1 box.
  • Dozen Bet: Dozen Bets are bets placed on a group of numbers. Bets can be placed on either the 1st 12 box (1-12), 2nd 12 box (13-24), or the 3rd 12 box (25-36).
  • Colour Bet: Colour bets are bets that are placed on either red or black. These bets are placed by players selecting the box or black box. This means players bet on either all the red numbers or all the black numbers.
  • Odd/ Even Bet: Odd/ Even Bets are bets that are placed either on even or odd numbers. This means players bet the ball will land on an odd or even number.
  • High/ Low Bet: High/ Low Bets are bets placed on the ball either landing on a low number (1-18) or a high number (19-36).

Multiplayer Roulette Online Betting Strategy

Most roulette players, especially beginners are easily enticed by the larger than all the rest payouts of single bets. In an attempt to win quick and big, they make the mistake of placing these straight up bets, with the odds stacked against them. While these are not impossible to win, they do tend to lose more often than they do win.

This is why we recommend that players place a bet on both colour and a group of numbers to maximise their winning potential. Another choice is betting on a group of numbers and either even or odds. You are more likely to consistently hit at least one of these bets each round, and if you win both than that’s a bonus too.

Another great idea for a strategy, which is unique to online Multiplayer Roulette is to piggyback off the bets of other roulette players. Multiplayer Roulette puts you at a table with a range of differently skilled players. Scout the one winning the most and copy their betting strategy to ride their winning streak.

Multiplayer Roulette Online is a Top Roulette Variant

Multiplayer Roulette ups the ante big time at Casino-Mate. There are so many ways players can benefit from playing Multiplayer Roulette. You can even learn a thing or two from how others play the game. There are a lot of chances at Casino-Mate to win big and enjoy Multiplayer Roulette.

Play Multiplayer Roulette at Casino-Mate for your chance at scoring big. Casino-Mate offers ace sign-up bonuses for new players and heaps of monthly promotions for loyal players. Join in the fun today!