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Online Roulette: European Roulette Gold

European Roulette is great game that has stood the test of time. It is probably one of the oldest casino games out there. The game is of French origin which expands its name. European roulette is as popular as casinos themselves and it is only fitting that the online version of the game gets a face lift.

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Quickfire went ahead and gave this online casino favourite a well-deserved facelift, giving it the look of grandeur that the game deserves. The upgrade was not only limited to the looks but also in advanced settings and options available to players.

Golden Improvements to European Roulette

European Roulette Gold has several new features that have made it a favourite game among roulette enthusiasts. The game looks significantly better than the regular European roulette version. The graphics and imagery are more refined and tweaked to give a more regal look, with the roulette table in the gold version of the game a delightful walnut-coloured.

The audio of the game was also upgraded. There is now a voice of a female croupier, who announces the winning numbers and betting instructions. The betting grid has been modified to include an oval Bets Track on the side. In the Bets Track players can place Call bets and Neighbour bets.

Winning at European Roulette Gold at Casino Mate Online Casino

European roulette has got odds that are more favourable to the roulette player than the American version, because of the single zero. Now the extra betting options available on the Bets Track mean players have increased chances of walking away from the roulette table smiling. The other bets are similar to those in regular European roulette. Players can place inside bets as well as outside bets. Inside bets are bets that are placed on areas inside the betting grid, and are bets on one number or a number and its neighbours on the betting grid. These bets can pay up to 35 to 1.

Outside bets are bets that are placed on groups of numbers, including bets on the first twelve numbers, second twelve and last twelve. They also include bets placed on the ball falling in a red or black coloured pocket. These bets can pay as low as 2:1.

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