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Wheel of Riches Online Pokie Game

Wheel of Riches is truly a unique game with its speciality. It is our pleasure to make this game available to online casino players. Casino-Mate online casino is the best online casino and also the favourite online casino because we have all the best online casino games.

Wheel of Riches is essentially a version of roulette. However this maybe one of the few truly unique versions of Roulette that you will ever play. The graphics in this game and the audio will have you feeling like you are actually in a land based casino. Alas the nature and the size of the wins will remind you that you are playing a far more rewarding game. Read on to find out more.

Gameplay in Wheel of Riches

Wheel of Riches has numbers 0 to 36 like typical roulette wheels but there are 39 pockets on the wheel. The other two pockets are the Bonus pocket and the Spins pocket. Unlike traditional roulette there are four colours on the wheel on which players can wager on. The four colours are red, aqua, yellow and magenta.

You can place bets from as little as $0.10 to a maximum of $100.00 on an individual number. A maximum of 200 credits can be bet on a number and $400 on corners. 4:1 and 3:1 odds will accept a maximum bet of $600.00 and the maximum for bets with 2:1 odds is $800.00.

Wheel of Riches at Casino-Mate Online Casino

The highest payout you can receive while playing Wheel of Riches here at Casino-Mate online casino $3,600.00. You will receive this prize after winning a 4:1 odds bet at maximum bet.

There is also an opportunity to win free games in this online casino game. If the Wheel stops on the Spins pocket you can receive up to five free games at the triggering bet. When the wheel stops on bonus you will receive a bonus multiplier.

While playing Wheel of Riches here at Casino-Mate online casino you can undo and redo bets. This is just the unique icing on a unique game.