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3 Reel Pokies: Kashatoa

Kashatoa is a volcano themed online casino game. This unique game is available right here at Casino-Mate online casino for all online casino game enthusiasts to enjoy. This online casino game has gameplay that will keep players entertained for hours on end. If you are a fan of innovative casino games you will be blown away by this explosive casino game.

Kashatoa Online Game Screenshot

Kashatoa at Casino-Mate

The online casino game is a one off the most fun and rewarding fixed odds games here at Casino-Mate. Players are taken on an adventure that is filled with thrills and perils associated with volcanic activities. Rewards are will erupt from the many bonuses that are on offer in the Kashatoa online casino game. One of the bonuses on offer is the Chip Splitter bonus. This bonus splits the chip into two and doubles your chances of winning. Other bonuses are the Spin bonus, Reel bonus, and Bonus Trail.

The game is not a fast paced game but it rewards patience with super wins. However, you will be kept entertained with the smaller payouts while you wait for mega wins.

Erupting Gameplay

Coins are sacrificed into the mouth of the active volcano. The volcano has a pinball structure that will stop the coins from falling straight into the fiery volcano. As the coins make their way to bottom they can trigger the Wheel Spin Bonus or the Reel Spin bonus. When they finally get to the bottom the chips can fall into cups with different sized multipliers. They can also fall to their doom and be burnt by the hot lava.

Sacrificing to Receiving

The smallest coin size that you can sacrifice in to the fiery mountain is $0.10. The maximum sacrifice is an $100 coin. There are various coin sizes to choose from that are in n between these two extremes.

The game rewards players with multipliers. Kashatoa online casino game offers the following multipliers 1x, 2x, 5x and 30x. This means that to win big in this game you need to bet big.

Play Kashatoa at Casino-Mate

Play this incredibly unique pokie at Casino-Mate. Kashatoa offers some rather incredible pokie with features and symbols that will help you win impressive payouts.