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Hairy Fairies Sctrachcard Game

Hairy Fairies is an interesting and unique online scratchcard. Who knew there were fairies that looked like this? Well, it is now official every society has its own misfits. Hang out with the not so fair fairies on Casino-Mate online casino. A night out with these odd looking fairies may turn out to be just what the banker ordered.

Hairy Fairies Scratchcard game Screenshot

The gameplay is simple and the animations are hilarious. This is definitely one of the most peculiar looking online scratches. Regardless of the way it looks, Hairy Fairies is one of the most rewarding online instant win games.

Beers and Barbie with the Fairies

This barbeque is not your typical bring and share outing. You need to pay to hang out with these 12 fairies. The cost of admission depends on how much you hope to get out of the time you spend with these floating guys. The smallest amount the guys will accept to admit you into their garden is $0.50. The most you can pay for an opportunity to get the money multiplying enchantment is $10. You can select eight other amounts to play with that are in between the maximum and the minimum. To select your bet size, you simply use the + and - buttons.

Enchanting Multipliers

Once you are in the garden, the 12 fairies will light up. You get to select nine of the twelve Fairies. If any three enchant the same size multiplier you are a winner. There are six multipliers that can be enchanted in the Hairy Fairies online scratchcard game. These are 2x, 3x, 5x, 12x, 100x and 2,500x.

Hairy Fairies at Casino-Mate Online Casino

There are several options available in the online scratch game here at Casino-Mate. Once you have selected new card to begin play, you will have the option to play the game in automatic mode or manual mode.

Play this instant win online scratchcard game here at Casino-Mate online casino and stand a chance to win the mega jackpot of $25,000.00. The Hairy Fairies online scratchcard is one of the most rewarding games at Casino-Mate. Bet big and win big playing Hairy Fairies here at Casino-Mate.