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Flip Card

Flip Card Screenshot

Flip card is an original instant win game. This is the sort of game that gently reminds you why casino games are so popular. It is only fitting that one of the best online instant win games found at one of the best online casinos. Play this game for free or real money and get the thrill of your life here at Casino-Mate.

The gameplay of this scratch card is so simple to understand and the wins are so large, you may hate yourself for not discovering this game earlier.

Flipping the Cards at Casino-Mate Online Casino

The gameplay in this outstanding instant win game will have you feeling like you are in an actual casino. Cards are dealt by the dealer from a shoe holding the cards just like when playing a table game at any casino. However, the innovation is on the face of the cards. Cards in this game do not have ordinary card suits! Rather, they have multipliers displayed on their faces. The multipliers available are x1, x2, x5, x10, x20 and x50.

Six cards are dealt onto the table. Cards are opened to reveal the multiplier they are hiding. The game allows players to open the cards manually or to let the cards open automatically.

Instant Wins at Casino-Mate Online Casino

Players are required to make a minimum bet of $2.00 before they play the Flip Card instant win game. The maximum wager accepted in the instant win game is $100.00. Since the game is based on winning multipliers, the larger your initial bet the more you are likely to win.

You need to match any three multipliers to get a win from the six cards dealt. If Lady Luck is smiling upon you and you get two sets of three on your table, both multipliers will be paid.

Flip Card at Casino-Mate

Playing this outstanding game will revolutionise the way in which you view online instant win games. The gaming interface in Flip Card is like no other instant win game. Play this game today by joining Casino-Mate and your online gaming life will never be the same again.