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Online Pokies: Dawn of The Bread Online Pokie

Battle Zombies and save humanity by biting into baked bread in the comic Dawn of the bread online scratch card. Zombies have come alive in this scratchie. At Casino-Mate online casino, it is your duty to save humanity from extinction by tasting bread. This original instant win scratchcard was initially intended for Halloween. However, the demand for the game was so high, the game is now available all year round here at Casino-mate online casino.

Dawn of the Bread Online Pokie Screenshot

The Dreadfully Tasty Theme

The theme of Dawn of the Bread scratchcard game is based on an apocalyptic Zombie attack. In the Zombie society, one of them is the baker. The zombie baker makes zombie bread using zombilicious ingredients. Nine loaves of this bread come out of the oven each time. It is your duty to take a zombie sized bite of the bread. By doing this you discover the secret ingredient in the bread. Match three ingredients to get an instant prize.

Recipe For Victory

Can you stomach zombie cuisine in order to get an opportunity to get an $100,000.00 instant jackpot? Once you consider how much you can get from the ingredients you probably won’t think they are that horrible. In fact, you may end up wishing for more of them. Naturally the more disgusting the ingredients are the higher their payout. There are only six ingredients in the baker’s cupboard and you only need to match 3 on the card to get a win.

Zombie sized payouts

  • Juicy Beetles have a 2x multiplier
  • Match 3 crunchy grubs for a 5x multiplier
  • Get a x10 multiplier for tasting 3 hairy rats in the loaves
  • Bite into human parts to get the best payouts
  • Match 3 loaves with human teeth for a 100x multiplier
  • Human hearts in three loaves will give you a 2,500x multiplier
  • Squishy human eyeballs have a massive 10,000x multiplier

Dawn of the Bread at Casino-Mate online casino

Play this original and high paying online scratchcard here at Casino-Mate and stand a chance to win the scary jackpot. The minimum bet accepted for this game at Casino-Mate is $0.50 and the maximum bet is $10. Hear the undead release a heart-stopping scream when you hit the jackpot. Luckily the jackpot is big enough to bring you back.