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Play Online Craps at Casino Mate

Online Craps is an online casino game played at a gaming table with two dice. Players can bet on certain rolls or three rolls in advance. The betting options in online Craps may seem confusing at first, but with this guide we know you’ll be playing like a pro in no time. So there’s no need to go troppo just yet!

This ace game has a few versions, but for now, we’re going to focus on Classic Craps. This is the game you’ll come across at top bricks and mortar casinos and Casino-Mate. With our quick guide you’ll be able to sus Craps out in no time!

History of Online Craps

Craps is a dice game where players bet on the outcome of the game. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘Shooting Dice’ or ‘Rolling Dice’. Craps has also been known as a street game. The game of Craps was originally adapted from an early English version known as ‘Hazard’. It is thought that the game may date as far back as the Crusades during the 11th Century until the 13th Century A.D.

Later, the game made its way to France where it became known as ‘Crapaud’. ‘Crapaud’ is the French word for ‘toad’. This may be a reference to the way players would be crouched on the streets like toads while they enjoyed a game of Craps. However, the game truly became popular during World War II amongst soldiers. It late became the popular casino version in New Orleans and spread across the world.

About Online Craps

At first glance the Craps table may seem intimidating and confusing to players. However, it’s a pretty easy game to understand and learn to play. The markings on an online Craps table outline the different bets players can make.

Craps is played in rounds where each player at the table gets a turn to roll the dice according to the rules. The player who rolls the dice in a particular round is referred to as the ‘shooter’. Players can place their bets by selecting chips and placing them on the matching marked section of the Craps table. Remember, each section of the table refers to a different kind of bet, so be sure to place your chips on the correct section of the table.

Betting Options in Online Craps at Casino-Mate

The Pass Line Bet

This is probably the most important bet in Craps. It’s an even money bet made by placing chips on the pass line area of the Craps table marked with the words ‘Pass Line’. This bet can be made during the ‘come out roll,’ and will win if a seven or 11 is thrown.

The Don’t Pass Line Bet

This bet is fairly easy to understand as it’s the opposite of the Pass Line bet. This bet wins if a two, three or 12 is rolled during the ‘come out roll’.

The ‘Come Out’ and the ‘Point’

In Craps, there are two rounds: The ‘Come Out’ round and the ‘Point’ round. The Come Out roll is the first roll of the round and must total two, three or twelve (these are the numbers that are known as Craps). If these numbers appear, players who bet on the ‘Pass Line’ will lose. If a seven or eleven is rolled then players who bet on the ‘Pass Line’ will win.

Point Numbers

Point numbers are four, five, six, eight, nine and ten. This is the second stage of the game and it marks a change in the way the game is played. ‘Pass Line’ and ‘Point’ bets will stay in play regardless of the formation of a new Point. The shooter ends his turn when he/she has either won or lost the round. The dice are given to the next player, and the process begins again.

The Come Bet

This is similar to the ‘Pass Line’ bet, except it cannot be made on the shooters Come Out roll. Players will make this bet will win if the shooter rolls a seven or eleven. Players who made the ‘Come’ bet will lose if the shooter rolls a two, three or twelve. The ‘Come’ bet can be viewed as taking insurance and acts as a safety net.

The Don’t Come Bet

This bet is played over two rounds and is made after the ‘Come Out’ roll, once a point has already been established. This bet is opposite to the ‘Come Bet’. The ‘Don’t Come’ bet wins if the shooter rolls a two or three, and loses if the shooter rolls a seven or an eleven. If a twelve is rolled, it’s a tie or a ‘push’.

Online Craps Tips with Casino-Mate

If you’re a beginner player at Craps, the best bet you can make is the ‘Pass Line’ bet. The ‘Pass Line’ bet is the safest and easiest bet for beginner players to learn and understand.

Why the Pass Line Bet is your Best Friend in Online Craps

  • It offers the best odds, as a player has 2:1 advantage on the first roll.
  • The house advantage on the ‘Pass Line’ bet is relatively low compared to other bets in this game.
  • The ‘Don’t Pass Line’ bet also has a relatively low house advantage and is another good betting option to keep in your pocket.
  • Other good bets to make as a beginner are the ‘Come’ and ‘Don’t Come’ bets.

Craps Terminology with Casino-Mate

Online Craps, like most casino games, has a few terms that are unique to this dice game. We’ll have you talking and playing like a pro in no time.

  • Rolling a two is commonly referred to as ‘Snake Eyes’ or ‘ Double Aces.’
  • Rolling a three is known as ‘Ace-Deuce’ or ‘Three Craps.’
  • A four (consisting of 2 and 2), is known as ‘Little Joe.’
  • Rolling a five (consisting of 2 and 3) is referred to as ‘Little Phoebe’ or ‘Fever Five.’
  • Rolling a six can be called ‘Jimmy Hicks.’
  • A seven is known as ‘The Devil’, ‘The Big Red One’ or ‘Six One.’
  • Rolling an eight is referred to as ‘ Mom and Dad’ or simply called ‘Square Pair.’
  • Rolling a nine is commonly known as ‘Jesse James’ or ‘Nina from Pasadena.’
  • Ten is aptly referred to as ‘Tennessee.’
  • Rolling an eleven is referred to as ‘Yo, Six Five No Jive’ or ‘Yo-leven’ (so it’s not mistakenly heard as ‘seven’).
  • Twelves is known as ‘Boxcars’ or ‘Midnight.’

Why Play Online Craps at Casino-Mate

This is a thrill and ever-entertaining casino game that will get your heart racing and your blood pumping. It’s an easy casino game to get into and is offered at the best online casino. At Casino-Mate, you’ll be able to enjoy Online Craps at your own pace and leisure, without the hustle and bustle of land-based casinos. Online gamblers never have to worry about crowded tables and unwelcome comments from other casino-goers. Online Craps at Casino-Mate is really the best option; it’s convenient and easily accessible online. What’s more, you can access this great Online Casino on your own mobile device for sheer gaming pleasure that is user-friendly. Online Craps is one of the few casino games that has a low house advantage, so if you’re a safe gambler it makes sense to choose Online Craps at Casino-Mate. Why not test your luck and strategy at online craps at Casino-Mate today?

Top 5 Craps Payouts

  • All Bet: All numbers are rolled before a 7 appears – Payout is 174:1
  • Horn: 2 or 12 Craps – Getting a 2 or 12 on the next roll – This pays out 30:1
  • Proposition Bets: 2 or 12 craps – Payout is 30:1
  • Horn 3/11 Craps – 3 or 11 on next roll – Payout is 15:1
  • Place 10 to win: 10 before 7 must appear – Payout is 9:5

Craps Terminology

Top Terms for Online Craps

  • 2-way: Betting one roll for you and the dealer
  • Aces/Snake Eyes: The next roll will be a sum of 2
  • Bones: Dice
  • Cold dice: No one is winning at the table

Craps Payouts and Bets

Shooting Craps is an exciting and possibly highly rewarding experience and we invite you to roll the dice and get in on the Craps action. The game is a perfect blend of luck, skill and great entertainment. All our table games are designed to give you the ultimate online casino experience and you'll be thrilled with the high-definition graphics, sounds and animations.

Craps involves players rolling the dice and betting on various options available on the table. There are line bets; single roll, multi-roll and player bets and payouts range from 1:1 to 30:1. It’s a game that requires both strategy and luck and whether you are a beginner or a pro; you will find our online Craps thoroughly entertaining. So download the free Casino-Mate software, which is quick and easy to do, and get playing.