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Play Pontoon Blackjack Game Variant

Pontoon Blackjack was derived from traditional and classic card game know as blackjack. Pontoon Blackjack online is a popular choice for many players at Casino-Mate. The aim of this blackjack variation remains the same as players still have to beat the dealer with a hand total that does not exceed 21.

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Rules of Pontoon Blackjack

The main difference of Pontoon Blackjack from other variants is that the dealer’s cards are dealt face down. A player here can only make playing decisions based on his cards. Pontoon Blackjack allows players to split all cards however, if a player splits aces then they can only receive one card per hand and cannot draw. In the case of a push, the dealer will win. Any five-card hand is called a five card trick and pays two to one. A ‘five card trick’ hand does not beat a Pontoon but beats all other hands. Doubling is only permitted once. Players can only surrender if the dealer has an ace or a face card.

How to play Pontoon Blackjack

The game is played with a whopping eight standard 52-card decks. To begin the round, players need to place their bets and the dealer will deal the cards. Players will receive their cards face up, while both the dealer’s cards are dealt face down. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the player will decide their move. Players have the option to stand, double down, or hit. Once the player is satisfied with their hand, they will stand. The software will then take over to play for the dealer. The hands will be revealed to see who has the higher hand. In the case of a push, the dealer wins.

Advantages of playing Pontoon Blackjack Online

For the online casino player, there are advantages and disadvantage of playing Pontoon Blackjack online. Players can decide if this is the best blackjack variant for them after reading this. The main disadvantage of this blackjack variant is that both the dealer’s cards are dealt facing down, so the player never knows their hand until they decide to stand. Another minor disadvantage is that all push rounds are won by the dealer.

All these disadvantages don’t compare to the major advantage of playing Pontoon Blackjack. Casino players who choose Pontoon as their top blackjack variant are in for far more superior payouts, without any bonuses or side bets needed. This is because a Pontoon hand pays out 2:1, a five-card pontoon pays 3:2 and a six-card pontoon pays 2:1 as well.

Learn the Terms of Pontoon Blackjack

  • Bust: Bust is a hand that exceeds a total of 21.
  • Buy: A buy is otherwise commonly known as a double down. This when a player doubles their initial wager and receives an additional card.
  • Hole Card: Hole cards is what it’s called when the dealer’s hand is dealt one card facing up and the other facing down.
  • Pontoon: This is the term used to refer to a hand with an Ace and 10-valued card. This is otherwise known as a natural blackjack.
  • Push: Push is when the player’s and dealer’s hand match.
  • Split: Players can only split a hand when their first two cards dealt are the same.
  • Stick: A stick is otherwise commonly known as a stand, where players will stand when they are satisfied with their hand total.
  • Twist: A twist is otherwise known as a hit, which allows players to receive as many additional cards without additional expenses.

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Choose Pontoon Blackjack at Casino-Mate for Bigger Payouts

Pontoon Blackjack is a great variation of blackjack for anyone who is up for a challenge. Pontoon Blackjack is enjoyable and offers a slightly different gaming experience in comparison to other blackjack variations. The slight rule changes add to this one of a kind gaming experience. Get your taste of the experience when you play Pontoon Blackjack at Casino-Mate.