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Blackjack Variants: European Blackjack Redeal Gold

European Blackjack Redeal Screenshot

And just when you thought there was nothing more that could be done to improve the gameplay in Blackjack, another version is introduced. It is the pleasure of Casino-Mate online casino to bring you this first in casino gaming. Never again will online Blackjack be the same. European Blackjack Redeal Gold allows players to redeal the last cards dealt! Not only can you recall your own hand but you can also redeal the dealers hand. This feature makes the great gaming graphics and animations, which create a superb appearance in the game, seem almost irrelevant.

The Real deal Redeal Gold

Never again will you have to regret having taken a stand thinking the dealer will bust only for the dealer to pull an unbelievably low card. This great feature allows you to do the impossible, turn back the hands of time! Now you get an opportunity to redeal this hand, redeal the dealers hand or recall the last card dealt. The Redeal My Hand feature allows the players cards to be removed and two new pocket cards to be dealt.

The Redeal Rules

Unfortunately the game does not let you go scot-free, there are conditions attached. This redeal feature can only be used a maximum of five times in a single game. If the player busts then they can only redeal their hand or the last card dealt and cannot redeal the dealer’s hand. When the player gets a blackjack the redeal option is not available. When you have split your cards you will not receive a redeal. A hand that has been doubled down on can no longer be reversed by the redeal option.

There is a financial penalty for using the redeal feature. The cost of the redeal is displayed when you select the option and differs for each hand. However the cost of a redeal is always less than the players ante bet. The only exception is when the player has bust then the redeal cost is higher than the ante bet. When the redeal option is given for free it is usually disadvantageous to the player to redeal. The redeal option comes up as soon as the player’s first card is dealt.

Playing European Blackjack Redeal Gold at Casino-Mate Online Casino

The general rules of playing this game are the same as in the original European Blackjack. Players can enjoy this game at Casino-Mate without fear of new rules being introduced. It is advisable to utilise the European Blackjack Redeal strategy chart until you are familiar with this version of the game.