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Play Online European Blackjack for Free

Casino-Mate online casino is the home of online blackjack. There are several versions of the game to choose from, one of the more popular versions of this game is the European version. However, it is not the most common Blackjack version, which would be the American version.

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Blackjack is one of the many favourite games of many real money gaming fans because it is possible to develop a strategy to help you win. Unlike other casino games, European Blackjack is not left entirely up to chance. Join Casino-Mate online casino today and play this great game for real cash in your bank account.

Basic Rules of European Blackjack Online

European Blackjack online has slightly different rules to the classic card game of blackjack that players may be used to. However, it still has all the fun and entertainment that the original blackjack game offers. Here are the basic rules of European Online Blackjack:

  • Players can split up to three hands.
  • When splitting Aces, players can only receive up to one card.
  • Aces cannot be re-split.

Major Differences in European Blackjack

  • European blackjack is played with only two decks unlike the other versions of the game including the more common American version. The reduced numbers of decks mean the house edge is drastically reduced. A reduced house edge coupled with an excellent playing strategy is recipe for victory.
  • Another major difference in the European Blackjack rules is that the dealer stands on a soft 17. In the majority of blackjack games, the dealer stands at a soft 16. This is to compensate for the low house edge.
  • To attempt to counter the effects of the lowered house edge in this version of blackjack a dealer blackjack beats any hand with a point value of 21. This means that any hand that is not a blackjack is beaten.
  • European blackjack pays 3:2 which is lower than the American version which pays 2:1.

Top 3 Tips for European Blackjack Online

  • Online casino allows players the luxury of time and also using a cheat sheet. You get to play at your own pace during a game of online blackjack, so keep a strategy card or cheat sheet with you when playing.
  • Stick to our 3:2 blackjack payout casino for the best player returns. Some online casinos may have tables that payout 6:5, taking advantage of players by forcing them to give back when they have a natural blackjack.
  • Always assume the dealer has a face down 10-card. This will prompt you to make better moves when you get your hand.

European Blackjack Online Glossary

  • Double Down: when a player receives their hand, they may immediately double their bet and receive only one more card.
  • Natural Blackjack: This hand is only achieved when a player is dealt a hand that contains an Ace and a 10 or Jack, resulting in an instant win. A push may occur if the dealer has a natural blackjack too.
  • Split: When a player receives two cards of the same face value, they may separate them into two different hands under one bet.
  • Push: This is a term used in blackjack to refer to a tie or a draw between the player and dealer. In European Blackjack, a dealer blackjack wins over any hand even if player builds a hand of 21. The only way for a push in this instance is to have a natural blackjack hand.

Play European Blackjack at Casino-Mate Online Casino

The basic gameplay of the game remains the same. The target is to get a hand with a higher card total than the dealer's hand without going beyond 21. The jackpot hand in this blackjack version is the same as in all other versions. A blackjack jack consists of an Ace and a card with a value of ten. All picture cards have a value of ten, while numbered cards have the value that is displayed on the face of the card.

Players are allowed to double down on hands with points 9, 10 or 11 when playing European Blackjack. It is also possible to split a hand with two identical cards, but this can only be done once. Regardless of the higher dealer stand point European blackjack pays frequently.