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Play Double Exposure Blackjack Gold at Casino-Mate

Enjoy the epic variant of Double Exposure Blackjack Gold at Casino-Mate. Double Exposure Blackjack Gold offers players the same joys traditional Blackjack has to offer, with some added differences. The main difference of Double Exposure Blackjack Gold is that the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. Players may think they are gaining a huge advantage with this. However, other changes in this variation tend to favour the dealer. This means, the changes offered in this blackjack variation give both the dealer and player the upper hand in one way or another.

The house-edge for Double Exposure Blackjack Gold is slightly higher in comparison to traditional blackjack. The rules for Double Exposure Blackjack Gold as you would expect to differ slightly, making the game more of a challenge.

Rules for Double Exposure Blackjack Gold

While many players are accustomed to traditional blackjack rules, here are the new rules players should be aware for Double Exposure Blackjack Gold.

  • Both the dealer and player’s cards are dealt face up.
  • The dealer wins on all pushes, unless it is a natural blackjack hand.
  • Player blackjack pays even cash.
  • Players can only split once.
  • The insurance option is not permitted in this variation of blackjack.
  • Players may only double down on their first two cards with a total of nine, 10, or 11.
  • Double downs are permitted after splitting.
  • Re-splitting of aces is permitted.
  • Re-splitting a maximum of twice to get four hands of play is permitted.
  • Splitting of cards of the same value is allowed.
  • Auto-bet and quick deal options available.

Card Values in blackjack

Different cards carry different values:

  • Aces have the value of one or 11; players and dealer can determine the value.
  • Cards between two and 10 maintain their face value.
  • Kings, queens, and jacks have the value of 10.

Blackjack terms you should know

  • Blackjack: The highest possible hand attainable in the game. It consists of receiving an ace and 10 in the first two cards dealt.
  • Bust: Bust is a hand that exceeds a total of 21.
  • Double: This when a player doubles their initial wager and receives an additional card.
  • Hit: A hit allows players to receive as many additional cards without additional expenses.
  • Hole Card: Hole cards form part of the dealer’s hand where one card to dealt facing up and the other facing down.
  • Push: Push is when the players and dealer hand match.
  • Split: Players can only split a hand when their first two cards dealt are the same.
  • Stand: Players will stand when they are satisfied with their hand total.
  • Surrender: Players have the option to surrender a round at the expense of half their initial bet.
  • Late Surrender: Late surrender occurs after a hand has been dealt and the dealer has checked his hand for Blackjack.
  • Early Surrender: Early surrender allows players to surrender their hand straight after it has been dealt.

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Why play Double Exposure Blackjack Gold at Casino-Mate

Double Exposure Blackjack Gold offers plenty of various features making this variation of blackjack that much more enjoyable. Sign-up today with Casino-Mate to receive great rewards and monthly promotions that will make your gaming experience even more magical!