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Top Blackjack Online: Bonus Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games in the world. Its popularity has grown over the decades as more and more variations of the game have become available. Many of these variations are even available in many online casinos, like Casino-Mate.

Bonus Blackjack Online Casino Game

Most of these variations follow the traditional rules of blackjack. However, each of them offers some kind of a unique twist. The goal though, remains the same as players need to get a hand better or higher than that of the dealer’s without going bust. Get a hand of 21 and you’ll win instantly.

Traditional blackjack versus Bonus Blackjack

In standard blackjack, blackjack payouts are based on the bets made. For example; the payouts were made at a ratio of 3:2, while other pay-outs are were made at a ratio of 1:1.

However, in Bonus Blackjack, players are able to bet on the outcome of their two cards. The wager in this instance only applies to the two original cards dealt. In Bonus Blackjack, only a combination of the ace of spades and jack of spades wins the highest payout on blackjack. Here the ratio of the payout is 50:1. If a player achieves blackjack with any other suit, the payout ratio is 25:1.

Rules for Bonus Blackjack

  • Two standard 52-card decks are used.
  • Players have the option to double down.
  • Players can split their hand.
  • Splitting can be done on up to four cards.
  • The dealer is obliged to stand on a hand total of 17 or more.
  • The dealer is dealt one card facing up and the other facing down.
  • Aces can only be split once, and blackjack cannot be achieved from a split ace.
  • Double down is available after a split or hit.
  • In the event of a push, the player does not lose their bet. The bet can remain in the betting circle or returned to the player.
  • The full blackjack jackpot can only be won with a combination of an ace of spades and jack of spades.

Card Values in blackjack

Different cards carry different values:

  • Aces have the value of one or 11; players and dealer can determine the value.
  • Cards between two and 10 maintain their face value.
  • Kings, queens, and jacks have the value of 10.

Blackjack terms you should know

  • Blackjack: The highest possible hand attainable in the game. It consists of receiving an ace and 10 in the first two cards dealt.
  • Bust: Bust is a hand that exceeds a total of 21.
  • Double: This when a player doubles their initial wager and receives an additional card.
  • Hit: A hit allows players to receive as many additional cards without additional expenses.
  • Hole Card: Hole cards form part of the dealer’s hand where one card to dealt facing up and the other facing down.
  • Push: Push is when the players and dealer hand match.
  • Split: Players can only split a hand when their first two cards dealt are the same.
  • Stand: Players will stand when they are satisfied with their hand total.
  • Surrender: Players have the option to surrender a round at the expense of half their initial bet.
  • Late Surrender: Late surrender occurs after a hand has been dealt and the dealer has checked his hand for Blackjack.
  • Early Surrender: Early surrender allows players to surrender their hand straight after it has been dealt.

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Bonus Blackjack Online FAQ

What is different in Bonus Blackjack?

Beating the dealer always feels good, however online casino players can sweeten the win by betting on their initial 2-card hand. To win the bonus bet you need either two cards from the same suit, a Jack and an Ace from the same suit or a Jack and Ace of Spades for the biggest bonus payout.

How do I play Bonus Blackjack?

The overall aim of Bonus Blackjack is still to get a hand that beats the dealer but doesn’t bust. The bonus comes in when players bet additionally on the first two cards they receive and whether they meet the bonus pay table requirements.

Can I card count in Bonus Blackjack?

Bonus blackjack is played with two standard 52-card decks. This means card counting is possible, but slightly more difficult than it would be with using one deck of cards. However, players should focus on getting their bonus bets correct more than anything else in this online blackjack variant.

Play Bonus Blackjack for Real Money

Bonus Blackjack is a great variation of the game available. With the epic challenges it offers and great rewards, it’s definitely a game worth trying your luck on. Players are ensured of a gaming experience they will never forget, with the finest quality graphics, animations and real-life sound effects. Sign-up to Casino-Mate today, and receive epic rewards and promotions!