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Atlantic City Blackjack Gold at Casino-Mate

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is yet another epic blackjack game available from Casino-Mate, where players can expect the highest quality gaming experience they’ve ever had. Some of the mind-blowing features include vibrant graphics, adjustable speed, flexible sound controls, and a wide selection of game options, all of which produce a genuine real-life gaming experience. Atlantic City Blackjack Gold offers players a variety of new rules and payouts that are worth every wager.

Atlantic City Blackjack Online Casino Game
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Atlantic City Blackjack Gold rules

  • A whopping eight standard 52-card decks are used in this variant of blackjack.
  • The dealer is required to stand on all 17 dealer peaks on 10 value cards and aces.
  • Late surrenders are allowed in this variant of blackjack.
  • A maximum of three splits are allowed to make four hands.
  • A split ace and 10 value cards cannot give players blackjack.
  • Aces may only be split once.
  • Players may double down on any two cards.
  • Double downs may occur after splits.

How to play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

  • The aim of the game for players is to attain a hand equal to or less than 21, but one that is higher than the dealer.
  • The round will start off by players wagering their bets, and then clicking deal.
  • The dealer will then deal out two cards facing up to the player. The dealer also receives two cards – one of which is will face up and the other face down.
  • The dealer will check for blackjack before continuing on the round. If the player or dealer has blackjack, the round will end with the person who has blackjack winning. If no one has blackjack, play will continue.
  • The player has the option to hit, stand, double, or split.
  • As soon as the player stands, the software will play the dealers hand.
  • The player or dealer with the highest hand at the end of the round will win. Any hand that exceeds 21 will bust.

Winning with Atlantic City Blackjack Gold at Casino-Mate

Blackjack can be won in three possible ways:

  • Accumulating blackjack from the first two cards dealt.
  • Players gaining a hand closer to 21 than the dealer.
  • Players staying within a hand total of 21 without busting.

Card Values in blackjack

Different cards carry different values:

  • Aces have the value of one or 11; players and dealer can determine the value.
  • Cards between two and 10 maintain their face value.
  • Kings, queens, and jacks have the value of 10.

Blackjack terms you should know

  • Blackjack: The highest possible hand attainable in the game. It consists of receiving an ace and 10 in the first two cards dealt.

Bust: Bust is a hand that exceeds a total of 21.

  • Double: This when a player doubles their initial wager and receives an additional card.
  • Hit: A hit allows players to receive as many additional cards without additional expenses.
  • Hole Card: Hole cards form part of the dealer’s hand where one card to dealt facing up and the other facing down.
  • Push: Push is when the players and dealer hand match.
  • Split: Players can only split a hand when their first two cards dealt are the same.
  • Stand: Players will stand when they are satisfied with their hand total.
  • Surrender: Players have the option to surrender a round at the expense of half their initial bet.
  • Late Surrender: Late surrender occurs after a hand has been dealt and the dealer has checked his hand for Blackjack.
  • Early Surrender: Early surrender allows players to surrender their hand straight after it has been dealt.

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Atlantic City Blackjack FAQ

What is different about Atlantic City Blackjack?

Atlantic City is one of the best online blackjack variants allowing players to surrender their bets. The house edge is also slightly better because dealers have to always stand on a hand of 17.

What are the odds in Atlantic City Blackjack?

A natural blackjack pays out 3:2, which makes for pretty impressive and lucrative gameplay.

What is the best strategy for Atlantic City Blackjack?

Atlantic City Blackjack allows players to surrender their bets at less of a cost to their initial bet. Players should always assume the dealer has a 10 in their hand. So the best strategy is to use the surrender bet wisely.

Why play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold at Casino-Mate

Take blackjack to a new level with this high speed, fine quality variant. Blackjack is a fascinating game; the perfect blend of skill and strategy. Don’t miss your chance to be part of something life-changing. If you not too sure how to play this popular casino games, don't stress we have you covered!

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