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Tired of the same old bingo games? Why not try out Samba Bingo? This Samba-themed online game is a must play for all bingo fans. Bingo fanatics can access the Samba Bingo online casino game here at Casino-Mate online casino, the best online casino.

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Despite the carnival nature of the title, the user interface of the Samba bingo game has a very sober look. Instead of wild conflicting colours, the use of colour in this game is elegant and tasteful to say the least. The layout of the display was expertly designed to accommodate four bingo cards and also the paytables. Only the exciting Samba beats remind you that you are playing a Samba-themed bingo game.

Samba Bingo Gameplay

Samba bingo is an instant win online casino game. The objective of the game is to mark numbers on a card in an attempt to complete winning patterns. There are four cards on which players can wager. This translates to four opportunities to get a winning pattern. Players have to place a wager on each card they wish to play. Wagering starts at $0.01. Only one coin is wagered per card. The maximum bet that can be placed on a card is $5. A maximum wager of $20.00 is accepted per play.

The game has four cards with 15 numbers each. Winning numbers are drawn using a Random Number Generator software.

Winning Samba Bingo

To win the jackpot prize in Samba Bingo, you are required to mark off all numbers on a card within the first 30 balls. As you are marking off the numbers, you will also be getting to complete winning combinations. The more patterns you complete, the more payouts you receive. Samba Bingo offers players the option to buy extra balls. This option is essential when players are left with only one number to complete a winning pattern. Players can request up to 10 extra balls. However, players cannot win the jackpot with an extra ball. The jackpot prize in the Samba Bingo game is 100,000 coins.

Samba Bingo at Casino-Mate Online Casino

Samba bingo is one of the best luck-based games here at Casino-Mate online casino. The game has good payouts which can quickly boost your bankroll. If you have more luck and prefer less of a skill-based casino game, Samba Bingo was made just for you. Give it a try and samba your way to super big Bingo cash jackpots.

Samba Bingo FAQ

What is online bingo?

Online bingo is the same bingo game you can play at a bingo venue. The only difference is that you get to play it anywhere you like and at your pace.

What is a Random Number Generator?

A Random Number Generator is software used by online casinos to create completely unprompted and fair outcomes at random. It works by generating a completely random sequence of numbers every second that represent the outcome in digital form on the casino game. This is what makes every online casino game fair.

Is Samba Bingo a popular casino game?

Samba bingo is one of the top-played casino games in its category. Bingo is often thought to be for the elderly, but with the samba beats playing in the background of the game, anyone can have fun while playing it.