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Online Video Poker at Casino-Mate

Video Poker is a unique casino game that is offered online at Casino-Mate. The exuberating Video Poker game is based on a traditional five-card draw poker. It is played on a computerised console which is of similar size to a slot machine in land based casinos. However, it can also be found in many online casinos. This casino game is unique as it combines the thrill of slots with the skill of poker. How is this possible? Well, Video Poker is essentially a style of poker that utilizes the interface of pokie machines. The result is an easy to grasp fast-paced game that is easy to play. With Video Poker, you can play poker without the death stares of everyone around you. The online version gives you the freedom to play however you choose. You also have the liberty of taking the time you need to strategize before you make your move.

What is Online Video Poker?

Video Poker is a casino variant that is played at both land-based and online casinos, it is played on a computerized machine which is very much like that of slots. The objective of this 5-card draw casino game is to achieve the best playing hand by deciding which cards to keep and which to discard.

The Highest Paying Hands in Online Video Poker at Casino-Mate

  • Five of a Kind: Consists of five cards that are of the same rank. This is only possible when multiple decks are used in a game of Video Poker.

  • Royal Flush: This hand consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. It has four possible combinations – one for each suit. In standard poker, 'Royal Flush' is the highest paying hand. In Video Poker, it is usually regarded as a separate hand.

  • Straight Flush: This hand must consist of 5 cards that are of the same rank and in an ordered sequence.

  • Four of a Kind: This hand contains four cards that are of the same rank, and another card of a different rank. An example of 'Four of a Kind' would be four 7s, from each different suit, and one other card.

  • Full House: This hand consists of three cards of one rank, and two cards of another rank. 'Full House' is sometimes referred to as 'Full Boat'. If there are two hands that have a 'Full House' in the same game, then the hand with the higher pair wins.

Various Types of Online Video Poker at Casino-Mate

  • Jacks or Better: This is the most common variant of Online Video Poker as it features a high payout rate. This online casino game is perfect for veteran and newbie players alike. It's the perfect game to start learning the ins and outs of poker as it's easy to grasp and fun to play.

  • Tens or Better: Features a payout of 6:5. This Video Poker variant gives you the infinite opportunity of playing between 4 to 100 hands at the same time. 'Tens or Better' features Bonus Rounds and is played using one standard 52-card deck. Remember, if you want to get your hands on the 4000 coin jackpot you need to bet the maximum.

  • Joker's Wild: This Video Poker variant includes a joker. The joker in the game can substitute for any card and has the possibility of strengthening a hand. This innovation brings a whole new level of interest and entertainment to Online Video Poker. The maximum payout in this variant of video poker is an incredible 5000 coins. The addition of the joker (or wild card) makes it possible to complete a winning combination, if you fortunate enough to obtain it.

  • Deuces Wild Poker: In 'Deuces Wild' you can play as many as 100 hands, thereby increasing the odds of winning and reaping huge rewards. No joker cards are featured and the difference between 'Deuces Wild' and other variants of video poker can be found in the pay table. 'Deuces Wild' is easy to learn and suitable for newbies beginning their poker journey as well as pros wanting to put their skills and strategies to the test.

  • Bonus Poker: This variant of Online Video Poker offered at Casino-Mate is a fun version of the video poker game. 'Bonus Poker' has an extra bonus feature where 'Four of a Kind' combinations earn players considerably larger payouts. At Casino-Mate, this game is recommended for all kinds of players and skill levels. The attractive design and captivating graphics make this online video poker variant a popular choice among avid online gamblers.

  • Double Bonus: This variant offers a bonus payout for Four Aces. This Video Poker variant has similarities with original versions of video poker. In fact, the main difference is that certain winning hands will yield higher payouts than they ordinarily would in other versions of the game. For an exciting and refreshing version of video poker, try 'Double Bonus Poker' at Casino-Mate.

  • Double Double Bonus Poker: Just as you thought there couldn't possibly be any other way of improving Online Video Poker, double double bonus video poker changes everything. This version utilizes the standard 52-card deck. Holding a winning hand in this game will yield the chance to even more cash prizes with the Bonus Round. If you happen to hold a 'Royal Flush', you'll be the ultimate winner and be rewarded with the top jackpot consisting of 4000 coins.

  • Aces and Eights Poker: This variant of Online Video Poker at Casino-Mate is just one of the many unique variants of Video-Poker you'll find at this Online Casino. The game utilizes a standard 52-card playing deck and allows players to fully customize their gameplay. Aces and Eights Poker also includes a Bonus Round which is a great way for players to grow their bank accounts.

  • Aces and Faces Poker: This variant of Online Video Poker comes highly recommended among Online Gamblers. This version uses a standard 52-card deck. Land the loyal Royal Flush in this game and walk away with the maximum jackpot worth 4000 coins.

At Casino-Mate you can look forward to the Online Video Poker experience of a lifetime. Play Video Poker at Casino-Mate for real money. With such a variety of Online Video Poker, you can learn the game, test your video poker strategies while experiencing the thrill of frequent casino bonuses, rewards, and payouts.

Why Play Video Poker at Casino-Mate?

Casino-Mate provides players with a wide selection of high-quality video poker games that boast superb graphics and detailed animation. Our online casino places itself at the forefront of online gambling, and is constantly finding new and innovative ways of improving the experience of online casinos. Casino-Mate is a certified online casino that players can trust with all their gambling needs. For a convenient and responsible gambling experience, visit Casino-Mate online casino.