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Table Games: Killer Clubs

Killer Clubs Online Card Game Screenshot

Play this unique card game at Casino-Mate online casino, one of the best online casinos. The game play in this online casino game is easy to understand, so get ready to experience a one of the most outstanding online card games when you select this game. Your view of online gaming cannot remain the same after playing this game.

The sound in this game is so crisp you can clearly hear the card being dealt and easily distinguish this sound from any other sound. The displayed was meticulously designed. It is virtually flawless. The graphics are top notch and so is the imagery and symbols. The table layout is clear and will not result in any confusion. It is not surprising that Killer Clubs is fast becoming an online casino favourite.

Killer Clubs Gameplay

The game is very simple to play. The main objective of the game is to avoid receiving a club. When the game begins only one card is dealt. This card is dealt onto the middle of the table. If this card is a club you lose your bet. If the card is of any other suit you win and the game continues. When you lose, the game ends and you have to place another wager to restart play.

The second round of the game is very much like the first. A single card is again dealt into the centre of the table. If the suit of the card is a club you lose your bet and your previous win. When you win the game proceeds to the third round. In the third round the play is just the same. The game will continue playing until you reach the 20th round, if you keep winning.

To activate the game you need to make a wager. The accepted wagers are 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. Bets are placed in a circle in the centre of the circle.

Winning Killer Clubs at Casino-Mate

After every winning hand players are given an option to collect their winnings and restart the game. The more rounds you play the higher the multiplier that multiplies your bet becomes. In the first round the multiplier is 1.3x, in the second it is 1.7x and in the third it is 2.3x. The multipliers continue increasing until you reach the 20th round. If you win the 20th round you get a 1,740x multiplier. At this stage you are required to collect your winnings and the game resets.

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