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Online Casino Games: Electro Bingo

Electro Bingo is a version of bingo that is available for free or real money. This game utilises interesting and eye-catching neon lit balls that glow to stand out from the pack. This bingo game truly proves that retro is metro as it is one of the most popular Bingo games here at Casino-Mate online casino. To be truthful, the flashy neon lights and glowing balls really do add a bit more excitement to an already exciting game.

Electro Bingo Casino Game Online
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This casino game is one of the top classics that is played all the time. Players can win big all at once, or they can accumulate a large sum of money with every game of Electro Bingo they play. Electro Bingo places players of this age-old game in the future with its disco-themed neon lights. You’ll surely be entertained while you play for free or when you decide to start playing for real money. So, get comfortable and enjoy this game right from the safety and convenience of your very own living room.

Electro Bingo Gameplay

This version of online bingo allows players to select the number of cards they want to play. The maximum number of cards a player can play per game is four. Electro Bingo cards have 15 numbers on them. The numbers are grouped in to three sets of five.

The game has 60 numbered balls but only 30 of these balls are drawn into the neon light viewing area. Electro Bingo then automatically identifies winning numbers on the player’s cards and pays out accordingly.

If there is an opportunity to make a match, the game allows players to buy balls in an attempt to make a winning combination. Players are allowed to buy a maximum of ten extra balls.

Get an Electro Bingo Jackpot

To begin the winning process, players need to select a coin size and number of cards they intend to play. Wagers can range from $0.10 to $5 per card. If players choose to play four cards, the maximum bet becomes $20. This betting range is well suited for high rollers and limited punters.

Electro Bingo has fourteen different payout patterns. These increase the chances of winning. The game also allows for multiple wins per card as long as the patterns do not intersect. The minimum payout per pattern is 3x the initial wager. To win the jackpot prize of $100,000 players need to match all numbers on a card with the first 30 balls. Also, the player needs to be wagering the maximum wager.

Enjoy Electro Bingo at Casino-Mate

Electro bingo is the perfect game for disco loving gamblers. Enjoy this disco themed online bingo game right here at Casino-Mate. If lady luck smiles upon you the neon lights will signal the top jackpot for you.