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3 Reel Pokies at Casino-Mate: Card Climber

Card Climber Screenshot

Card Climber is a simple card game developed with the finest quality online casino software. This multilevel game is part of Casino-Mate’s portfolio of big jackpot games. It is definitely one of the easiest ways to win big at Casino-Mate online casino. The unique card game is thrilling, entertaining and also has very generous pay-outs.

All that you are required to do in the game is to correctly predict if the next card is higher or lower than previous one. The game is a five level game. After correctly predicting five cards, you are given the option to withdraw your winnings. At this stage of the game the player is granted access to next higher paying level in the game.

Card Climber Gameplay

The basic gameplay in the online casino game is very simple. To progress in the game and win, players need to correctly guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous one. The game consists of twenty-five cards in rows of five. The cards are displayed face down on the screen. Only the bottom row of cards is accessible. This is regardless of the fact that you can partially see the next row of cards.

The wager is placed by selecting the 'stake' button. Once the wager is placed, game play can begin. An extra card is drawn on the left of the bottom level of cards. This card can be changed or you can decide to continue playing with the card.

Actual game play involves choosing whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous card. A successful prediction moves the player to the next card. The player continues playing as long as the predictions are correct. It is, however, important to note that getting an identical card is an automatic lose.

Climb Your Way to Riches at Casino-Mate Online Casino

The Card Climber online pokie has worthwhile jackpots in store for adventurous and lucky gamblers. After every five successful predictions, players can withdraw their winnings. In the fifth and final level, a bonus game is activated. In the bonus game players get to choose a gold coin from among ten gold coins. Each gold coin holds a different prize. The major jackpot is a 10,000 coin win.

Play Card Climber and experience gaming thrills like never before here on Casino-Mate.