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Play Ballistic Bingo at Casino-Mate

When you play this hot version of bingo at online casinos, you stand a chance to win real money. Ballistic Bingo is an online casino game which has all the makings of a leading gambling software provider. Meaning it possesses all the good qualities a leading gaming provider puts in their casino games. The game has a unique user interface that is completely interactive, allowing players to adjust the games settings to suit their own gameplay needs. Graphics in the game are beautifully designed and the layout is first class. Ballistic Bingo is not only a colourful game, but also a very simple game to play.

Ballistic Bingo Game Screenshot

Ballistic Bingo Gameplay

This online version of the classic bingo game is unique in that it offers players the opportunity to play with up to eight bingo cards simultaneously, unlike most forms of the game which only allow players to play one card at a time. However, the cards are not your typical bingo cards, these cards have only fifteen numbers to choose from. To play Ballistic Bingo, gamblers are required to select the number of cards they intend to play and the bet per card. They then fill in all the cards before the last ball is produced from the raffle machine. Each winning number in the cards is individually marked, as is the winning card. This means you will not miss a payout when playing online Ballistic Bingo.

Playing Ballistic bingo for Real Money

The minimum acceptable bet on each card at Casino-Mate online casino is $0.10 and the maximum bet is $5.00. This wide and flexible betting range makes ballistic bingo a game that is well suited for both high rollers and gamblers who place smaller bets. To get the jackpot prize of 5,000 times your wager, players need to have finished marking all the boxes by the time the 40th ball is drawn. Failure to have completed marking the cards by the eighty-fourth ball results in the bet being forfeited. Unfortunately, Ballistic Bingo is not linked to a progressive jackpot but the 5,000 multiplier makes it a great game to play for large wins.

How Winnings are Calculated in Ballistic Bingo

Once all the balls have been drawn , the computer software will begin calculating how much you get paid out. As mentioned, if you’ve completed marking off your card before the minimum amount of balls to win a prize, the game ends and you will receive your payout. An example of this is if you’ve completed your card within 80 balls, your original bet value will be doubled. However, do better by completing you card in 40 balls and you’ll multiply your original bet value by 5000 times.

Get Ballistic Bingo and Go Bonkers Today

Few online casino games can offer the fun and excitement promised by Ballistic Bingo in this fast paced and rewarding game. Play Ballistic Bingo for your chance of multiplying your bet value by 5,000 times original bet. Whether you hit the big multiplier, or any of the lower ones, you’re bound to win something while playing Ballistic Bingo.