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Two Gambling Ads Banned by UK Watchdog

Two Gambling Ads Banned by UK Watchdog

Written By Carla Harris

Monitor with dice

If one U.K.-based gaming company had taken bets on its latest ad campaign causing so much controversy, it would have been raking in the winnings right about now. The controversy was loud enough for U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to take action, Marketing Week reports, banning two of the company's advertising posters on Tuesday.

One of the banned posters sports the phrase “When you win it’s skill – when you lose it’s bad luck.” The other reads “Once is luck – twice is talent.” The ASA says the posters may “condone an irresponsible attitude to gambling” when taken out of context from the gaming company's full TV and video campaign.

The full campaign tells the story of five men, each with personality traits that align with his style of gambling. While the campaign, which was launched in April, was intended to be humorous, 98 complaints proved that not all viewers found it amusing. The ASA determined that most viewers were likely to understand the playful and sarcastic nature of the TV and video ads and allowed them to stand.

Ads That Crossed the Line

Campaigns from other companies have also teetered on advertising regulation lines. In April, the ASA quashed a prominent online casino's campaign that depicted the face of South African athlete Oscar Pistorius on an Academy Award statue with the tagline “money back if he walks.” The ASA upheld complaints that the ad was tasteless and demanded the campaign be stopped, according to the gambling news site

One U.S.-based casino received a costlier punishment nearly a decade ago when it was commanded to pay a $100,000 fine for two ads deemed offensive by the Nevada Gaming Commission, AP reports. One ad pictured a man and woman atop a gambling table with the tagline “There’s always a temptation to cheat.” The other said the casino believes in “your Monday night rights: large quantities of prescription stimulants (and) having wives in two states."

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