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Dwarfs Gone Wild
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Top Trends for Online Gambling in 2018

It’s difficult to believe that online gambling hasn’t been around for very long considering the huge strides it’s taken. Not only has it become commonplace, but its reach continues to grow year on year. What may have seemed like a fad at first surely isn’t going to die out any time soon, and many factors play a role in this assumption. Trends come and go, but online gambling has always seemed to adapt to keep up with the changing trends. One such trend, for instance, is the introduction of social communities to online casino brands. With the rise of social media, online casinos have created their own social profiles and have become more accessible and human, rather than just a venue with machines and tables as with land casinos. So, we can expect online casinos to take things a step further in the year 2018, and here’s how.

Future Online Casino Trends

Technology: To Infinity and Beyond

The technology of today thrusts us beyond where our reasonable minds can imagine. Technology is and will always be at the forefront of development for any industry and this is no different for online gambling. Popular platforms like Android and iOS now support numerous gambling apps that are able to emulate the standard of desktop gambling games, and even reach near physical form, too. Technology is what has kept online slots alive as they have changed over the years from 3-reel one-armed bandits to 5-reel fruit machines and video slots.

Virtual reality for online casinos

Virtual platforms are all the rage at the moment, even for online gambling. While it’s taken some time to get virtual reality (VR) to where it is today, it can now be fully and thoroughly enjoyed at home. That same VR technology experienced from Samsung’s VR or the Google Cardboard can be used in online casino games and makes a truly authentic and exciting online casino experience. Expect VR casino games to be more viable and accessible in 2018.

Augmented reality in online casinos

Augmented reality is all about bringing an experience to you, much like Pokémon Go, for those who have played it. How this differs from virtual reality, is that VR puts you into an experience. With the use of special glasses and gloves, AR can turn your living room into an online casino. While this is not predicted to be ready by the end of 2018, it’s still something that is around the corner for the average online gambler as the technology for it already exists.

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