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Top 5 Most Fascinating Casino Facts

The casino industry is one of the most interesting industries to be a part of. There are tons of casino myths, mysteries and adventures. There are movies, songs and even books about casinos. Here are some of the most mind-blowing facts about casinos. These stories are so outrageous; we had to verify the sources to make sure that this is true. Grab onto to your seat! Here are the top 5 most fascinating casino facts:

Top 5 Casino Fun Facts

5. The Notorious Big Spender

Hong Kong – a Chinese gangster named Cheung Tze-Keung also known as “big spender” made over $250 million in kidnapping ransoms. He lost most of the money gambling in one casino in Macau. He was arrested and sentenced to death. Before his arrest, Keung was planning to kidnap the owner of the casino which he gambled in.

4. A little Piece of Berlin

The Main Street Station casino in Las Vegas has a wall-sized chunk of the Berlin Wall in the bathroom.  At the top of the wall is a framed display of photos and text about the Berlin Wall. Below the frame installed in the wall is a row of working urinals.

3. You Asked for IT

The Casino Royale novel was originally called “You Asked for It” when it was first released in the United States of America. James Bond’s name in the original book was Jimmy Bond. This was the first novel by British Author Ian Fleming. Unlike the 2006 movie, Bond plays high-stakes baccarat against Le Chiffre.

2. Welcome to Paradise

Most of the popular casinos associated with Las Vegas are not in the city of Las Vegas. Most casinos are located in an unincorporated town named Paradise. The town of Paradise is also home to attractions such as the Las Vegas Strip, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and McCarran International Airport.

1. Batman Banned from Playing Blackjack

In 2014, Hollywood star Ben Affleck was caught counting cards at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas while playing blackjack. He had gone to Las Vegas with then-wife, actress Jennifer Garner to spend some time together before he began shooting the Batman vs Superman movie. Affleck was playing blackjack at a high-rollers table when the casino’s managers approached him. Affleck got a lifetime blackjack ban from the establishment; he is, however, welcome at the casino anytime.

Bonus Fact:

Billionaire Problems

In the late 1960’s, billionaire Howard Hughes lived in top-floor penthouses of Las Vegas hotels. Hughes couldn’t sleep at night because a small casino’s trademark neon sign, was visible from his room. The billionaire then bought the small Silver Slipper casino just to have the sign moved.