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The World Series of Poker

In the desert heat of Las Vegas, Nevada, the World Series of Poker Main Event is still underway. More than 6,000 players entered, and as day three began winding down, the field tightened to just over 1,000— a number that will continue to drop dramatically as play continues. Many notable Australian players have made the trip to fabulous Las Vegas to give the tournament a go.


As of July 11th, there are still a couple of "Australia's Finest" in the tourney like James Obst who isn’t a chip leader, but is still holding on.

Paul Bennett is a lesser-known Australian player, but he is in the top 50 in terms of chip stacks. This is a very impressive position at this point in the tourney. If he can hold on, he’s in good position to have an impressive finish.

On the other hand, a couple of the names that are most associated with Australian poker have busted. Jeffery Lisandro busted out of the main event, however, he is very proud of his performance, having cashed in at two of the other events this year. Joe Hachem had hopes to win it all again. He came to the tournament with guns blazing. Unfortunately, Hachem busted at the end of his day two.

The Australian Poker League plays in bars, taverns and other venues across the country. This league held a number of tourneys that sent 12 players to the WSOP this year, giving these players the chance to enter a high-dollar tournament they may not have otherwise been able to enter. Time will tell if any of these unknown players are still “in it to win it!”

If you have followed the WSOP in the past, you realize that it is still extremely early in the tournament. The chip leaders today could be riding the rails tomorrow. That is what makes the main event so exciting! The final table of the WSOP is normally played in November, so mark your calendars as it should be televised. Watch and see if any Australian players make the push for the win!

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