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The World of Professional Online Gaming

Competitive esports is here and it’s real with tournaments boasting millions of dollars in prize pool money. Your parents will no longer be able to feed you that age-old line; “you can’t make money by playing video games all day”. Professional gaming has become so huge that ESPN have even dedicated a specific section on their site to covering and reporting on all the latest news in esports. The ESPN esports section will cover everything from league championships across the globe to in depth gamer profiles. The site will also include news on popular online games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone and Heroes of Warcraft.

Profressional Gambling

Dota 2 has a much anticipated tournament coming up which features a prize pool only gaming gods would dream about. The game is a simple tower defence strategy game that includes two teams, each consisting of five people each. The objective is to protect your own team’s towers and base while simultaneously working at destroying the opposition’s towers and base.

What’s in the esports news now?

The next Dota 2 tournament is set to take place is Manila, Philippines and is scheduled for June this year. The new ESPN esports section will include in depth coverage on this tournament. It will be interesting to see how fans and players of these popular online games will react to ESPN’s coverage of their favourite esport games. The last Dota 2 tournament took place in August 2015 and set a record of esports prize pool money with $18.4 million. The upcoming tournaments will feature a prize pool of $3 million. Esport tournaments are not small-fry tournaments, indeed. They’ll feature some of the biggest names in online gaming history. The Manilla tournament will be a chance for professional gamers to prove and establish themselves before the international tournament begins in August 2016.
The Mall of Asia Arena will host the Manila tournament and is said to have hosted some pretty big rock concerts. The tournament is predicted to host 7000 Dota 2 fans. With an event of this magnitude, it’s certain that professional online gaming is at a pinnacle stage. It’s definitely become, somewhat, of a ‘big deal’.