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Mighty Arthur
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Mighty Arthur
Giuseppe C
Mighty Arthur
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Mighty Arthur
Giuseppe C
Mighty Arthur
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The Wild Chase
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The Wild Chase
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Mighty Arthur
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Mighty Arthur
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Pokies Perfect for Halloween

It’s that time of year when the line between the living world and the undead blurs, and all sorts of monsters crawl out of the dark. Lock your doors, draw the shades, and keep the lights low; you never know what’s lurking in the night. Halloween is either for tricks or treats, candy or capers, sweets or scares. This year is no different at Casino-Mate online gambling site.


Join us as we take you on a tour of our spookiest pokies you can take for a spin with a $1,400 free welcome bonus.

pokies for halloween  

House of Fun pokie

Two young lovers’ car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. They find an old caretaker who tells them to seek shelter further down the road but to avoid the House of Fun at all costs.

They take a wrong turn and find themselves in the house, surrounded by a freak show of epic proportions. Can they escape in time? Spin the reels to find out.


Madder Scientist pokie

Deep in the night, on a quiet street, in an unmarked building, in the basement, an even madder scientist is working hard at his latest scientific discovery. His beautiful assistant and animated rabbit accomplice try to keep his crazy contained but’s it’s of no use. The powerful serum has messed with his mind and corroded his honour; he’s hellbent on using his serum on himself and turning into a super villain. Will the world be able to fight him off?


Under the Bed pokie

Two little siblings are settling down at bedtime when, suddenly, there’s a rustling under the bed. They go to investigate. What could it be? The window is wide open; anything could have crawled in from the dark. Mom and Dad have gone to bed a long time ago and they won’t hear your scream. Stay under the covers and keep the nightlight on. It’s the only way to stay safe…


It Came from Venus pokie

Something’s stirring in the cabbage patch … and it’s not the scarecrow. From deep in the outer reaches of space, an alien race has sent a life pod to Earth with its one remaining life-form. It lands in a lonely farmer’s field and they soon strike up an unlikely friendship. But can the toothy, tentacled alien be trusted?

Frankenslot’s Monster pokie  

A mad scientist is on the verge of a terrifying discovery – reanimating a decaying corpse. In a frightening scene of chaos and lightning, the monster comes to life. What will the mad scientist do now? Kill his monster or let him loose in a world he doesn’t understand? It’s a dangerous tale of murder, dark ambition, and things that go bump in the night.


Blood Eternal pokie

In a haunted mansion, far from the madding crowd, a spirit moves through the dark. Gargoyles and bloodthirsty bats keep a beady eye on any uninvited guests. Candles flicker in the corner, disturbed by a tremble in the air. Three undead lovers lie in their tombs, waiting for the moon to rise so they may leave their velvet resting places, and prowl the streets for their next feast.


Play these are more spine-tingling pokies at Casino-Mate online gambling site with a massive welcome bonus package, plus daily casino promotions.