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Player Wins on His Last Spin

PRESS RELEASE- Slot game player T.A. recently claimed an €11,295 prize from Sure Win at Casino-Mate.

Sure Win Slot Machine

The lucky big winner plans to vacation with some of his winnings and continue gaming with the rest. Ever the optimist, T.A. sees bigger wins in his future. And why not?

Sure Win is a five-reel Slot game with a horse-racing theme. An additional entertainment feature, Free Spins, allowed T.A. the extra tries he needed to win big. The game uses multipliers to help gamers win. Free Spins are multiplied (12 spins x 4, for example), and if the gamer earns 24 free Spins, his or her winnings double for those Spins.

Sure Win is only one of the multitudes of high-calibre entertainment games available for players to enjoy at Casino-Mate. Expect excellent customer service in a safe and secure gaming environment.

With a hard-earned reputation for reliability and honesty, Casino-Mate provides superior service levels with the quickest Cash-ins, best promotions, widest range of entertaining games, and the friendliest gaming support on the Internet.

And T.A. agrees stating, "My favourite qualities at the casino are the games and the friendly support".

 T.A. mentioned that he doesn't have any lucky charms — or more precisely, he did not want to jinx them by mentioning them as he believes that they should be kept secret.

Casino-Mate proudly salutes T.A. and congratulates him on his big win. It certainly was a proud moment for the casino when he said, "I’m more than happy. You made my summer!"

Lucky charms or not, there is a plethora of gaming entertainment options available at Casino-Mate that you can access by playing for Free Money or with fantastic deposit bonus offers. 

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