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Online Poker player wins big

An astonishing win was recently awarded in New Jersey after a player struck it lucky on the online Poker variant, Let it Ride. The man who preferred to remain anonymous smashed the previous online jackpot record held by Cathy Ruela of $1,3 million with his mighty $1,52 million jackpot.

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The New Jersey man won with the hand with a Royal flush after wagering $500 on his three initial bets, as well as a 3 Card-Bonus side bet. It was reported that the man won the grand sum through 1000:1 payout on the three $500 bets as well as a 40:1 pay out on his 3 Card-Bonus bet for a Straight Flush.

The Let It Ride game offers players a relaxed pace in contrast with other Table Games which has proved to be an excellent candidate for older players as well as beginners.

The popular Let it Ride game is a variation of the Five-Card Stud with the game based on three player cards and two community cards. The community cards are initially dealt face downwards and the player is given two chances to withdraw a third of their initial wager. The first opportunity is offered after the player has had a chance to view their cards before the first community card has been revealed. The second opportunity follows after the first community card has been revealed. The player can decide to reduce their wager on both of these instances, a single instance, or they can opt to keep their original wager intact – this move is then termed as “letting it ride”.

It certainly appears that New Jersey’s decision to legalise online gambling in November 2013 has paid off as reported revenues for the fiscal year of 2014 amounted to $122 million with a number of players also reaping in the rewards.