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Nick Lindahl Accused of Match Fix

Ex-Tennis Player Nick Lindahl Accused of Match Fixing

Written By Carla Harris

Tennis Match Fixing Scandal

An ongoing investigation into the illegal activities of former professional tennis player and coach Matthew Charles Fox has unearthed new information that implicates his professional associate and friend Nick Lindahl. Previously ranked among the 200 best tennis players in the world, Lindahl competed at the Grand Slam and ATP Tour levels.

In October of 2014, police charged Matthew Charles Fox with drug trafficking and two counts of illegal betting on Australian tournament matches. While appearing at the Melbourne Magistrates Court to plead guilty to these charges, Fox and his attorneys revealed damning information about Lindahl. According to court records, Fox and Lindahl allegedly conspired to fix a prominent match at the 2014 Toowoomba Futures tournament.

Lindahl was the odds-on favourite to defeat Andrew Corbitt at Toowoomba. After informing Fox that he would "tank" the match, Lindahl approached his lower-ranked opponent to ask for his compliance in the match fixing scheme. Corbitt reportedly refused. In the end, however, Corbitt won the competition 6-2 and 6-3. Match officials immediately approached Lindahl after the final volley.

Purana Task Force detectives report that Lindahl and Fox first cemented their match-fixing agreement in 2013. The plan was simple: Lindahl would throw his matches, and Fox would place bets according to the predetermined results. After winning thousands of dollars on these fixed tournament competitions, Lindahl and Feeney both retired from professional sport.

When Fairfax Media attempted to reach Lindahl for comment, he simply hung up the phone. Lindahl has previously released statements insisting that he had no knowledge of the Fox match fixing investigation and that he maintains no lasting links to the tennis community in Victoria.