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Karl Lagerfeld attracts celebrities to Chanel Show

A Rundown of the Runway - Chanel Couture Show

Written By Carla Harris

Chanel WInter Fashion Show

Karl Lagerfeld chose a casino theme for this year’s Chanel Couture Show, where he made use of 3D printing for a futuristic version of the classic Chanel suit.

Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore gathered around the roulette tables in the centre of the runway, while Rita Ora and French singer Vanessa Paradis were also attending as high rollers at the runway show.

The models were boasting sharply-cut black bobs and bright lipstick to set a 1920s atmosphere, but Lagerfeld managed to take the look into the 21st century by designing the Chanel suits with square-cut shoulders and boxy jackets.

Lagerfeld used a laser aimed into space as a technique to design the three-dimensional suits, as it binds powdered material to create a solid structure. He stated that the “idea is to take the most iconic jacket of the 20th century and make a 21st century version, which technically was unimaginable in the period when it was born.”

Most women who buy couture today are young and modern, which is why couture can only be kept alive if it adapts with the times, says Lagerfeld.

The décor of the runway show was inspired by “the ambience of casinos at a time when people dressed up.” “They didn’t appear to try and win to pay the rent at the end of the month. Today casinos are a bit more dreary because people no longer get dolled up.”