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Handsome Australian-raised gorilla finds fame

“Handsome” Australian-raised gorilla finds fame

Written By Carla Harris

Shabani the Gorilla

It seems that an Australian zoo produced a gorilla that is driving Japanese women mad because of his “good looks”.

The gorilla, known as Shabani, lives in Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan and was raised at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. Since Shabani moved to Japan in 2007, he has attracted a large following of fans who find him “attractive” and “handsome”.

Shabani is an 18-year old silverback and boasts rippling muscles and a mysterious look on his face. Shabani was moved to Japan in order to mate with three female gorillas, and as a result has two male offspring.

The gorilla’s fame is mostly thanks to Twitter, where followers often refer to Shabani as an “ikemen”, which means “good-looking man”. Pictures of Shabani are also making the rounds on social networks, where fans capture him while he appears to be flexing his muscles, stare into the distance, and play with the younger gorillas.

Allan Schmidt, Taronga Zoo senior zookeeper, said that Shabani was moved to Australia from The Netherlands in December 1996 with his family when he was only two-months old. Schmidt also said that he wasn’t surprised about Shabani’s fame because “the Japanese are crazy and [they] love their fads”.

Higashiyama Zoo officials stated that there has been an incredible increase in young female visitors to see Shabani, who luckily loves the limelight and doesn’t mind his pictures taken.