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Finding Safe Online Casinos by Inspecting Customer

Find Safe Online Casinos: Inspect Customer Support

Written By Carla Harris

Online Casino Support 24/7

There is a barrage of online casinos claiming to be the number one casino. They offer marvelous deposit bonuses and free play options with a promise of riches that raises the skeptic in us, and for good reason. How do you filter through the noise and get to the few reputable casinos online that you can actually trust?

Searching for reviews of casinos online isn’t the best option as there are millions of affiliate sites paying lip service to casinos for their own profit by providing sparkling reviews that display in search engine results when you look for them. You sign up and deposit money and they get a cut. But have they really placed you in safe, reliable hands? Not always. 

As a gambler, you have to pay great attention to customer service options as they provide a vital clue to how accountable a casino is. 

Can you call them?

The Wizard of Odds provides a blacklist of casinos that do not have randomized games and do not pay legitimate gambling winnings. Upon further inspection, you will find that some these sites do not have reliable customer support options. They may offer a live chat option and e-mail support with no contactable telephone numbers. While any Harry or Sally can be hired to man a phone line, it would be advisable to rethink your monetary commitment to a hard to reach casino.

Can you be helped at any time?

Good customer support options include

24/7 support which will provide you with help when you need it

Customer service representatives of reputable casinos ensure that there is always staff at hand, working different shifts to help you when you need it. 

Do they speak different languages?

The larger a casino claims to be, especially if they are “number 1”, the greater the likelihood that a casino provides support in different languages. 

For example, a “number one casino in Europe” should ideally have more than one language option that caters for the various dialects in the region. While there is a sizeable amount of English speakers in Europe at 67,000,000 what about the 95,000,000 Russian speakers, the 80,000 French speakers, and the 90,000,000 German speakers? While not impossible, it is very difficult to be a number one casino in Europe without catering for at least some languages other than English.

It’s no secret that the online casino industry has a multitude of dark crevices and shady alleyways that many consumers wished they hadn’t crossed. You can mitigate your risks by a significant percentage if you are vigilant about customer support and weigh claims made by a casino against simple realities that you are aware of.

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