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Castle Builder Slots Game Review

Castle Builder™ Slots Game Review

Written By Carla Harris

Castle Builder Slot Game

The Castle Builder™ Slot game offers players the chance to experience an alternative take on the customary format of the 5-Reel Slot. What truly sets this Slot apart from others is the fact that it boasts an innovative level-based game in which the player assumes the role of royal master-builder who is tasked with overseeing the construction of various castles in three different kingdoms.

The main objective of this 15-Payline game is to construct 10 castles in each kingdom – construction material is garnered when the Reels come to rest on construction material symbols. Once a castle has been completed the particular kingdom’s princess inhabits the castle after which three suitors attempt to woo her. Choosing the preferred suitor lies in the players’ hands and it could lead to substantial wins if the right suitor is chosen – each admirer sports an undisclosed reward and only after the nuptials will their wealth be revealed which may either be a small, medium or large sum..

The castles become more elaborate as the player progresses, as such more construction material is required but as the castle’s size increases so too does the rewards offered by the princess’ suitors.

Further merit lies in the completion of each building mission with the chance of receiving special achievements and unique service medals from the respective king which leads to the player working their way up to a higher rank.

Castle Builder™ switches into an endless mode as soon as the player has completed construction on all the kingdoms’ castles and achieved the highest rank.

Play play Castle Builder™ right now!