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Basic Guide - How to Play Roulette

The basic aim of Roulette is to place your bets on a number. range of numbers of one of two colours that are featured on the Roulette wheel in hopes that when the ball is spun it will land in the wagered slot and result in a win. 

The more specific a bet is, for example, betting on a single number, the higher the payout will be than if betting, for example, on one of the two colours. This is because the odds are greater and there is less probability of a win.

Almost all Roulette tables have a minimum and maximum bet limit. Each player at the table will get a different set of colour chips for easy identification and convenience. Once the players have their chips they can begin placing them on the desired numbers to make their bets. The dealer will then spin the Roulette wheel and place the ball in the wheel going in the opposite direction. The dealer will also then call out “No more bets” and players should then take heed and stop placing their chips on the table. A dealer has the right to remove any bets made after this call. Once the ball and wheel have stopped spinning and the ball has landed on a numbered slot, the dealer will call out the winning number and place a marker(also known as a dolly) on the table on top of the winning number. 

Any chips on the table that do not qualify for the winning number will be swept off the table in one smooth motion by the dealer. The dealer will then proceed to payout any winnings to the players who landed the winning number. While the dolly is on the table players may not place any new bets or remove any chips that are still on the table. Once the dealer has made the payouts and has removed the dolly from the table, the next round can begin

Learn Roulette Betting Strategies

There are numerous ways in which you can place a bet in a game of Roulette : you can either bet on one number, the colour, odd or even, a particular group of numbers or on a specific number and its neighbours.

Remember: You are allowed to place your bets at any time, usually before or just after the dealer spins the wheel and until the dealer calls “No more bets!”

The different ways in which you can place a bet are as follows:

You can place inside bets with chips valued from 5 and higher.

Straight up:

Place your chip on a single number

– Odds 35:1


Place your chip on the line bordering two numbers to bet on both numbers at once

– Odds 17:1


Place your chip on the line at the edge of the three line row to bet on three numbers at once

– Odds 11:1


Place your chip on the intersection of four numbers to bet on all four at once

– Odds 8:1

Six Line:

Place your chip on two bordering streets to bet on all six numbers

– Odds 5:1

Trio or Basket:

Place your chip on the intersection between 0,1,2 or 0,2,3 and in American Roulette’s case 0,1,2 or 00,2,3

– Odds 11:1

Outside Bets

Note: Outside bets usually require you to bet with a chip value of 50 or higher.

1 to 18 :

Place your chip on the betting box 1 to 18

– Odds 1:1

19 to 36:

Place your chip on the betting box 19 to 36

– Odds 1:1

Red or Black:

Place your chip on either the red or black box

– Odds 1:1

Even or Odd:

Place your chip on either the odd or even box

– Odds 1:1

Dozen Bets:

Place your chip in the first, second or third 12

betting box

– Odds 2:1

Column Bets:

Place your chip in the first, second or third

column box

– Odds 2:1

Don't let the various numbers, combinations and blocks on a Roulette table confuse you. Ultimately, this is a game that requires you to to place bets on where you think the magic ball will land. Play around online to get a feel for the game with the various Freeplay options available at many casino's online.

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