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5 Ways to Benefit from Online Casino Incentives

In a perfect world, every hand you play would be a win and every casino visit, whether in person or at an online site, would end with a big payoff. The reality of course lies somewhere in between — you’re not going to win every pot, but you might come out ahead if you play smart.

While casinos make a profit from losses there are many big wins that occur daily. They do not mind forking the cash for these wins and to provide incentives for players to return. That’s why many have developed loyalty programs as well as second and third deposit bonus offers that reward players for continuing to invest. These programs offer regular players everything from credit and free plays to access to VIP areas or other nice tangibles.

Taking advantage of these perks can be part of a sensible strategy to increase your opportunities to play and reap potentially larger payments when you win.

Here are some suggestions to make the numbers work in your favour.

1. Start with More

Most online casinos offer some incentive to get you started. It could be a certain amount of credits, extra spins on slots, or even a limited time to play without having to invest money. These trial or non-credit plays let you check out the site to see if something catches your interest and will hopefully get you hooked. In most cases, winnings under these initial periods can’t be redeemed immediately. To make sure newcomers don’t cash out immediately, online casinos often require you play for a certain amount of time or a certain number of games, such as 50 slot games or 100 table games.

2. Frequency Helps

You’ll often see monthly incentives, weekly deals, and even daily prizes just for showing up. Sometimes these are simple promotions to change the environment up a little, but in other cases, they can be considered rewards for regular players. These can be extra spins or match plays, where the casino provides additional credits. Even if you don’t play long sessions, at least check in regularly. You may find rewards for consecutive achievements, such as winning money for logging in three days in a row.

3. Invest Big

If you can swing it with your household budget, invest more than the minimum, especially during promotional opportunities, to get more money back. How much extra you can win varies depending on the casino, but most seem to start returning rewards in better ways past the $100 mark. Extra incentives could include higher deposit bonuses — a 50 percent payback on $200 gives you $100 extra, which can mean a longer session or larger bets. Double-check the conditions — some sites have caps on how large your money can grow at higher percentage levels.

4. Aim for a Higher Level

Some casinos allow skilled players to move up to different levels based on their performance. Each level may include a higher percentage return or extra credits per win, which makes it a viable goal for players to shoot for. Along with the recognition that you’re doing well, a higher level could allow players to accrue winnings faster and move to even higher levels.

5. Pick a Game and Stick with it

This may prove to be a challenge with a diverse, entertaining online casino. But you’re more likely to grow your winnings faster by sticking to one game over a period of time than by trying a whole bunch during your session. And the industry consensus says that online slots tend to have larger payoffs or higher percentage returns compared to online table games.

Overall, there really is a great deal of opportunity available through loyalty programs for those eager to stretch their gambling dollars a little further. And with all the online casinos out there these days, the power is in the player’s hands to decide where to spend their money. With so much competition, the more attractive casinos don’t stop at a nice signup bonus but continue to offer all sorts of chances for regular customers to stay put.

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