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Underground Poker Den Posing as Health Club Busted

Written By Carla Harris

Poker Den

Those looking to lose some weight would be unlikely to achieve their goals at the former Curves health club for women in Runnemede, New Jersey, except through sweating out the calories in illegal no-limit games of Texas Hold‘em poker, as the health club was merely a front for an underground poker den.

This was revealed following a police raid on the ‘fitness centre’ where the Runnemede Social Club had been operating their illegal poker parlour for a number of years. The five operators arrested have pleaded guilty. The club was reportedly fitted with three poker tables and a cash cage for purchasing poker chips. Authorities told reporters that the club, which had a Curves poster in the storefront and blacked-out windows, operated on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights, staying open until the early morning hours.

According to the Courier-Post, a New Jersey news publication, the neighbours they spoke to claimed to know nothing of the late-night activities that took place there, with one saying that he “thought it was a bunch of old guys playing cards and watching TV.”, an online Philadelphia news publication, reported that the two ring-leaders, Thomas Rand, 43, and Ryan Dion, 33, as well as the three other men who worked as dealers and cashiers, pleaded guilty to charges of promoting gambling, with sentencing scheduled for early October. A sixth man, a card dealer, has also been charged but was not indicted.

Rand and Dion reportedly made their cut by taking a portion of the pot with each poker hand played. When the club was raided officers seized about $25,000 in cash from the players and operators, reported Rand has also admitted to running an illegal off-shore sports betting website.

Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman said in a news release, “These defendants operated an old-school gambling club, complete with cash cage, poker tables, and a wide-screen TV for patrons to watch the sports on which they gambled.” He added that the State “will make every effort to remove gambling from the shadows of the black market underworld.”

There are dangers associated in underground poker – aside from the threat of police raids, illegal gambling establishments are reported to be a favourite target for robberies as the crimes often go unreported. Of course there is also the prospect of owing large amounts of money to an establishment that is less than legal, and the methods employed to recover losses from players could be equally shady.

Learn How to Call Roulette Bets - French Bets

Written By Carla Harris

It is always the terms that unravels your novice status at table games like Roulette. One wrong or inelegant call and the gig is up! Everyone looks at you like the newbie you are. Being a beginner can be quite an embarrassing process. The good news is that we are here to save you some pain by providing you with a rundown of called bets that you can make in a game of French Roulette . First some clarity:

CALLED BETS - Called Bets, also known as Call Bets or Announced Bets, are when a player announces or calls out a bet they would like to make. There is a distinction in some jurisdictions between Call Bets and Announced Bets, where the former means that the player does not place money on the table after calling the bet and is considered legal in some areas. The latter means that once the bet has been called, the player then places their money or chips on the table to cover the bet.

There are many different number series in Roulette with their own special names attached to them. Any bets on these series are typically known as the ‘French Bets’ and they cover a specific section of the Roulette wheel. Listed below are the French Bets along with explanations.

Voisins du zéro (Neighbours of Zero)

Also known as the Grand Voisins du Zéro, this bet represents the seventeen numbers which lie between 20 and 25 on the Roulette Wheel. They are: 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25 (on a single zero wheel).

Nine chips or multiples thereof are wagered on this series. You can place two chips on the 0,2,3 trio, one on the 4/7 split, one on 12/15, one on 18/21, one on 19/22, two on the corner of 25/26/28/29 and one on 32/35.

Orphelins (orphans)

A type of series bet that includes the two slices of the wheel that fall outside the Tiers and Voisins series is called the Orphelins bet. It contains a total of eight numbers, namely 17,34,6 and 1, 20, 14, 31, 9.

Five chips or multiples thereof are bet on this series. Place one chip straight-up on 1 and one chip each on the 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34 splits.

Le tiers du cylindre (Thirds of the wheel)

This bet is for the twelve numbers that lie on the opposite side of the wheel between 27 and 33, also including both 27 and 33. The series includes 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16 and 33 (on a single zero wheel). This series bet is a very popular bet in British casinos. This type of series bet outnumbers the Voisin and Orphelins series bets by a fairly big margin.

Six chips or multiples thereof are bet on this series. You’ll place one chip on the 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30 and 33/36 splits.

The Neighbours

This series bet is easily the most common French Bet. You call out the number you wish to bet on, along with the amount you’d like to bet. The number may be backed along with the two numbers on either side of it, making it a five chip bet, or multiples thereof. For example, you would call out “0 and Neighbours” and you would place one chip straight-up on 3, 26, 0, 32 and 15.

Final Bets

The Final Bet is a digit-number bet. If you wish to place a 5 Final Bet, you will place one chip on all the numbers ending with 5: 5, 15, 25, 35. Final Bets from 0 to 6 require four chips, while 7, 8 and 9 will require three chips.

Full Maximum or Full Complete Bets

A Full Maximum or Full Complete Bet is when all of the inside bets are placed on a specific number. These bets are usually placed by high-rollers as a maximum bet. If you’re prepared to place such a bet, for example, on the number 10 - you will have to call out something like this, “number 10 on the maximum”.

Learning the general terms used in a game of Roulette is that breathe of fresh air you would need if you went to a live table unprepared. These terms are also useful when you are playing an online game where everything could literally seem like French to you.

This is just an excerpt from a more comprehensive eBook of information on Roulette we available have for you.

Outstanding Performance by The Star Sets the Stage for a Sydney Casino War

Written By Carla HarrisSydney Australia

Sydney Harbour is poised to become ground zero in a high-stakes contest between two Australian gaming giants. The sixth largest gaming company in the world according to market value, Crown Resorts owns and operates a number of successful international gambling venues, including Melbourne’s Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, the single largest casino and hotel facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

Crown’s dominance within the Australian gaming industry is currently under attack by junior betting house Echo Entertainment Group. Echo’s August 2014 earnings report exceeded market expectations, posting a 35 percent jump in yearly net profits. To a large degree, this boost comes as a result of recent efforts to revitalize its large Sydney Harbour casino and resort, The Star.

Featuring a wide range of table games and electronic gaming, The Star has been the crown jewel of Echo’s portfolio since the company was established in 2011. Echo is currently making the most out of its flagship property through an innovative loyalty program that has significantly increased repeat business.

Since instituting this program last year, the company has been experiencing rapid and continual growth. Furthermore, according to Echo’s Managing Director Matt Bekier, this trend is expected to continue. Thanks to a number of improvements planned for 2015, The Star’s financial future has never been brighter.

Although it is currently five times larger than Echo by market cap, Crown Resorts certainly isn’t blind to the rising threat that The Star presents. Taking advantage of the fact that Echo lost its exclusive Sydney gaming license earlier this year, Crown recently announced plans to build its own luxury casino and resort in Sydney Harbour.

Operating under the name Crown Sydney, this state-of-the-art facility will directly challenge The Star on its home turf. When it opens in 2019, Crown Sydney will become the tallest building in the city, surpassing the height of Sydney’s Citigroup Centre by 32 meters.

6 Gambling Tips to Make Sure Your Bank Account Doesn't Go Down Under

Written By Carla Harris

The ideal gambling scenario involves winning money and having a blast doing it. That doesn’t always happen, though. We always want to enjoy ourselves, since gambling is a form of entertainment, but there will be times when we lose more than we win. How do we keep from losing all our money every time we gamble? Even though luck can play a role in determining our overall success, there are ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your gambling money. 

Establish a Gambling Bankroll

The most important thing you can do is establish a set amount of money specifically for gambling. Most gamblers use what is known as a "replenishable" bankroll. That means whatever money they have available at the time is what they use to gamble. If they lose it, they often go back and replenish it with more funds. This can be a dangerous way to gamble. A true gambling bankroll is extra money you set aside every week or month that you don’t need for the necessities in your life. It’s your “fun money.”

Session Bankrolls

Once an overall bankroll is set, you divide it into session bankrolls each time you gamble. It should not be more than 10 percent of your overall bankroll. If you’ve acquired $1000 for gambling, your session bankroll would be $100. That session bankroll is the only money you will use to gamble during that time. If it is lost during the first 30 minutes, your session is over. It is time to take a break. A session should not last longer than two hours at a time, even if you are winning. Your mind becomes fatigued, and that’s when careless financial decisions are made.

Set Win Limits

You should have a preset win limit for each session that you gamble. Many people use what is known as the “double up” method. If they double their session bankroll, they pocket the original amount and only play using their profits. Using the example of $100, if they win $100, the original $100 is put back into their gambling bankroll and the winnings are used. If the winnings are lost, the session is over and they have broken even. If they double their $100 again, the process is repeated. Once you double your session bankroll, never use your original money. That will insure that you will at least break even for that session. This same process can be applied at a lower rate if you are more conservative. You can set a winning goal of 50 percent or 25 percent and use the same process.

Only Play Games That Have a Small House Edge

One of the best ways to ensure that you are not losing large quantities of money over the long-term is to only play games that have a small casino advantage. Research what games offer the best odds. A game like blackjack, with favorable rules and the proper use of basic strategy, can be played with a house edge of less than 1 percent. By comparison, there are games in which the casino has a 10 percent advantage or better. By consistently playing games with more favorable odds, you are giving yourself a mathematical advantage over those who only play games that offer poor odds.

Use Bonuses to Your Advantage

Almost all casinos offer bonuses, loyalty points, comps, promotions, etc. These opportunities can have a significant impact on your bottom line. When you are playing with the casino’s money, it keeps your finances from dwindling. For example, if an online casino offers a 100 percent matching bonus on a $100 or more deposit, you are better off depositing at least $100. If you only have $50 to deposit, wait until you accumulate the extra money so you can take full advantage of the bonus. Always maximize these situations to your advantage. Never play using more money than you intended to earn extra rewards, but make sure you completely understand every offer so you can take full advantage.

Keep gambling Fun

You know the feeling you get when you first sit down to gamble? The adrenaline coursing through your veins. The excitement of what the next cards or spin will bring. That’s what gambling should be about. When it stops being fun, that’s when your wallet suffers most. Slow down; enjoy every spin and every hand. If you are not enjoying yourself, get up and walk away. It’s time to stop! Managing your money when you gamble will keep you from sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else have all the fun. However, one of the many benefits of gambling online is that many sites allow you to play some of the games for free. This is a great option when things are not going your way. Use these money management tips and you will be more likely to stay in the game.

Learn Roulette Etiquette: Mind Your Table Manners

Written By Carla Harris


There are a few things to consider when you’re getting ready for a game of Roulette. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned player, it’s always good to remember what’s acceptable and what’s not quite right around the table.

Observing Players

It’s always ok to observe a game of Roulette and to be a spectator, but as a Roulette table can become crowded, be mindful of your reactions and where you’re standing. Nobody wants a loud, yelling spectator who’s literally stepping on their toes. It is also commonly accepted that no food or drink is allowed over the table.

Mind Your Chips

If you’re stepping up to the table to play, it’s good to take note of the other players and their chips. Each player gets a different colour set of chips, so be sure not to get any of yours mixed up with the other players’. Also be aware when placing your chips along with the other players that you don’t move their bets or block a player from placing a bet.

Betting at the Right Time

Another thing to take note of as a player is knowing when to place your bets and when to wait. For the few moments leading up to the dealer’s spin, you may begin laying out your chips on the table and the dealer will usually wait until all the bets have been placed. After the dealer has spun there are still an extra few moments to place a wager before the ball starts to slow down and the dealer calls out “No more bets” followed by a wave of the hand over the table. This is when betting for that round stops and you cannot go against the dealer’s call.

Handling Chips

You should also place your chips on the table rather than tossing them. Tossed chips may displace other players’ bets or roll down the table. If you cannot reach to place a bet yourself, you should announce the bet to the dealer and they will place it for you. This will be treated as any other call bet. If you wish to make changes for cash or colour chips, wait to do so in between spins. If the dealer has time, he will make your changes during the spin, but they will most likely prioritize other call bets before making changes.

Social Etiquette

Other than that, general social etiquette is a good thing to keep in mind when playing Roulette. Be polite, don’t yell or become worked up. Don’t become angry if things don’t go your way and don’t accuse anyone, dealers, players or spectators if you think there’s been a mistake. If you do think there’s a problem, it’s better to rather bring up the issue quietly with the dealer.

Also, don’t lean on the table or over the wheel when it’s spinning. Lastly, a little gratitude goes a long way, it is good, although not compulsory, to tip your dealers. If you make an especially big win, it’s considered polite to leave a gracious tip - especially if you have built a good rapport with your dealer. If you would like to know more about the basics of the game of Roulette, you can download the full PDF - How to Play Roulette .

Three New Slot Games Arrive at Casino-Mate this September

Written By Carla Harris

PRESS RELEASE- A whole lot more is on offer this month at Casino-Mate with Slot Games that have huge entertainment value and winning potential. On 3 September 2014 , So Much Sushi , So Many Monsters and So Much Candy will be dashing onto your screens.

If it’s sweet, savoury or monstrous entertainment being sought, Casino-Mate is where it can be found. The games of the ‘So Much More’ triple release are closely related, using the same engine, but each offering its own unique flavour.

So Much Sushi

So Much Sushi serves players a fresh gaming experience with spicy, wasabi-infused wins. This Japanese-themed title features 25 lines on 5 Reels of colourful sushi symbols on a bamboo-patterned background. Land 3 or more of the sushi symbols on a Payline and each sushi piece can split 5 times, meaning a potential 25 of a kind (and a suitably massive win). 3, 4 or 5 soy sauce Scatters opens a menu of 5 Free Spins features, each offering unique ways to win serious cash.

So Much Candy

To satisfy a sweeter tooth, there’s So Much Candy, also a 5 Reel, 25 Payline Video Slot. As with So Much Sushi, each contributing sweetie symbol can split into up to 5 pieces, upping the winning potential and offering up to a 25 symbol win. So Much Candy also has a Free Spins feature, where players are given a selection of 5 choices, of between 8 and 16 Spins, each with a variable win potential set for each line.

So Many Monsters

So Many Monsters provides a bit of cheeky fun with a host of funny-looking but friendly creatures, not the mean monsters that live under the bed. These little characters also roll out on 5 Reels and 25 Paylines, where 3 or more monster symbols trigger the Many More Monsters feature where each contributing monster can replicate to make a 25 symbol win. So Many Monsters also has a Free Spins feature with a range from 8 to 16 Free Spins with varying win potentials.

Carla Harris, manager and spokesperson of Casino-Mate, says, “We’re very excited about the triple treat – there’s something fresh to suit every taste.”

Exposed: How Pub Gambling Machines Rip-Off Patrons

Written By Carla Harris

Slot machines

Digital gambling machines offering poker, roulette and blackjack in Britain’s pubs have been exposed by British media as being extremely unfair to players compared to machines in legitimate casinos.

The Independent, a UK news publication, recently conducted an investigation into the odds on which these games operate and revealed that they are vastly inferior. Players are being ‘misled’ into wagering their spare cash with a much smaller chance of a return than they realise.

The Independent listed the companies that operate pubs found to be hosting such machines, namely J D Wetherspoon, Enterprise Inns, Punch Taverns and Spirit Pub Company, which operates the Taylor Walker pub chain.

The Independent said, “Roulette and blackjack are often favoured by gamblers because they offer a reasonably gamer-friendly ‘edge’ … However, digital gaming machines in pubs offer far inferior odds, sometimes up to 10 times worse than in a casino.”

Crunching the numbers, The Independent explained that with roulette 2.7% was the standard edge, meaning that for every £100 wagered the house keeps £2.70. The games reviewed by The Independent in pub chains operated on margins of up to 24%, meaning they keep £24 for every £100 wagered, “often with little hint to gamers that they are playing at such inferior odds.”

Of course there is nothing illegal under Gambling Commission rules about machines with terrible odds, so long as players are given a chance to read the rules and see what sort of odds their up against. A spokesman for the Gambling Commission told The Independent, “Manufacturers, supplier and retailers should assure themselves that the rules of any casino-variant-style games are transparent, to ensure customers understand them. Failure to do so could lead to formal regulatory action for breaching the Gambling Commission’s technical standards.”

The shadow minister responsible for gaming, Clive Efford, said that if Labour wins the next election, one of the first things he will be doing is starting a discussion with the Gambling Commission to ensure people are made aware of the odds of these games. The major pub operators queried insisted to The Independent that they operate within all regulations.

There is obvious temptation for someone who is enjoying a casual drink to swell the cash in their pockets with a quick and easy win on a roulette game. The crux of the matter is simply that those who choose to play in pubs need to be made fully aware of the odds, and an actual casino is usually a much safer bet. 

Cairns "Mega" Casino Becoming a Reality

Written By Carla Harris


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently joined government officials from the State of Queensland to green-light plans for a multi-billion-dollar casino and entertainment resort near the tropical tourist destination of Cairns. Dubbed the Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort, this “mega” casino is the brainchild of Hong Kong businessman and billionaire investor Tony Fung, who is embarking on the project with hopes of attracting legions of big-spending Chinese gamblers to Northern Australia.

Although Mr. Fung’s holding company, Aquis Reef, already owns and operates a casino in the Greater Cairns Area, ACCC officials anticipate little crossover with the new mega-casino. Aquis’s existing casino caters primarily to local residents and domestic vacationers who typically make low-stake wagers. The proposed Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort, by contrast, will focus on attracting VIP tourist customers from overseas. ACCC Commissioner Jill Walker has released a statement saying that the new Aquis resort, if developed, “would be of a scale that is unprecedented in Australia.”

Located roughly 13 kilometers north of Cairns in the beach community of Yorkeys Knob, the planned project is slated to include nine luxury hotels with a combined total of 7,500 rooms, 1,200 apartments, 135 villas, a 25,000-seat sports stadium, one of the largest aquariums in the world, a full-service convention and exhibition center, a 13-hectare reef lagoon, an 18-hole golf course, a number of theaters, and plenty of high-end retail shopping. Of course, the resort will also feature extensive, state-of-the-art gambling facilities with approximately 750 gaming tables and 1,500 gaming machines.

Committed to protecting the Greater Cairns region and helping it thrive, Tony Fung is proceeding with all relevant social and environmental safeguards firmly in place. The Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort will provide area residents with roughly 9,300 long-term construction jobs and 10,000 permanent positions upon completion. If all goes according to plan, the mega-casino will open its doors sometime in 2018.

5 Easy Ways to Benefit from Online Casino Cash Incentives

Written By Carla Harris

In a perfect world, every hand you play would be a win and every casino visit, whether in person or at an online site, would end with a big payoff. The reality of course lies somewhere in between — you’re not going to win every pot, but you might come out ahead if you play smart.

While casinos make a profit from losses there are many big wins that occur daily. They do not mind forking the cash for these wins and to provide incentives for players to return. That’s why many have developed loyalty programs as well as second and third deposit bonus offers that reward players for continuing to invest. These programs offer regular players everything from credit and free plays to access to VIP areas or other nice tangibles.

Taking advantage of these perks can be part of a sensible strategy to increase your opportunities to play and reap potentially larger payments when you win.

Here are some suggestions to make the numbers work in your favour.

1. Start with More

Most online casinos offer some incentive to get you started. It could be a certain amount of credits, extra spins on slots, or even a limited time to play without having to invest money. These trial or non-credit plays let you check out the site to see if something catches your interest and will hopefully get you hooked. In most cases, winnings under these initial periods can’t be redeemed immediately. To make sure newcomers don’t cash out immediately, online casinos often require you play for a certain amount of time or a certain number of games, such as 50 slot games or 100 table games.

2. Frequency Helps

You’ll often see monthly incentives, weekly deals, and even daily prizes just for showing up. Sometimes these are simple promotions to change the environment up a little, but in other cases, they can be considered rewards for regular players. These can be extra spins or match plays, where the casino provides additional credits. Even if you don’t play long sessions, at least check in regularly. You may find rewards for consecutive achievements, such as winning money for logging in three days in a row.

3. Invest Big

If you can swing it with your household budget, invest more than the minimum, especially during promotional opportunities, to get more money back. How much extra you can win varies depending on the casino, but most seem to start returning rewards in better ways past the $100 mark. Extra incentives could include higher deposit bonuses — a 50 percent payback on $200 gives you $100 extra, which can mean a longer session or larger bets. Double-check the conditions — some sites have caps on how large your money can grow at higher percentage levels.

4. Aim for a Higher Level

Some casinos allow skilled players to move up to different levels based on their performance. Each level may include a higher percentage return or extra credits per win, which makes it a viable goal for players to shoot for. Along with the recognition that you’re doing well, a higher level could allow players to accrue winnings faster and move to even higher levels.

5. Pick a Game and Stick with it

This may prove to be a challenge with a diverse, entertaining online casino. But you’re more likely to grow your winnings faster by sticking to one game over a period of time than by trying a whole bunch during your session. And the industry consensus says that online slots tend to have larger payoffs or higher percentage returns compared to online table games.

Overall, there really is a great deal of opportunity available through loyalty programs for those eager to stretch their gambling dollars a little further. And with all the online casinos out there these days, the power is in the player’s hands to decide where to spend their money. With so much competition, the more attractive casinos don’t stop at a nice signup bonus but continue to offer all sorts of chances for regular customers to stay put.

Fun Facts About Roulette You Never Knew

Written By Carla Harris

Blaise PascalThe Roulette you have grown to love in the 21 st century looked very different a few hundred years back. There is an interesting history as well as mystical superstitions surrounding the game and its variations. Here’s a look at some interesting facts about Roulette that you have never known.

  • The game of Roulette originated in France way back in the 17th century when the famous mathematician and physicist - Blaise Pascal, invented a primitive form of the Roulette wheel. The wheel came about when Pascal was attempting to invent a perpetual motion machine. The word Roulette actually comes from the French meaning “small wheel”.

  • Later in the 18th century the Roulette wheel underwent some changes with the addition of elements from other games, namely the English games Roly-Poly, E.O. and Ace of Hearts as well as the Italian board games Hoca and Biribi. The game then became extremely popular in France and a few other European countries.

  • An early description of Roulette can be found in a 1796 French novel, La Roulette, ou le Jour, by Jaques Lablee. The wheel is described as containing two of the bank’s numbers, 0 and 00.
  • By the 19th century the game was already well established, appearing in casinos in U.S.A. and Monte Carlo. The European Roulette wheels were numbered 1-36 and featured both a 0 and 00 while some of the early American Roulette wheels were only numbered 1-28, had both 0 and 00, and an American Eagle pocket on the wheel. The Eagle was seen as a symbol of American liberty and was also a house slot that further increased the house-edge. That tradition, however, soon vanished.
  • In 1842 two Frenchmen, François and Louis Blanc, introduced the Roulette wheel with the single zero instead of the usual 00. This was done in order to encourage greater casino patronage as it lowered the house-edge.
  • There is a legend that says that François and Blanc sold their souls to the devil in exchange for all the secrets of Roulette. This legend is fuelled by the fact that the sum of all the numbers on a Roulette wheel total 666, also known as the number of the beast.
  • The single ‘0’ pocket was introduced by the brothers François and Louis Blanc, who wanted to attract gamblers to their Hamburg casino by offering superior odds
  • European roulette has much better odds than American roulette since the house edge is only 2.63%- compared to the American house edge of 5.26%
  • All roulette wheels feature three colours in the slotted pockets. The numbers from 1-36 are in alternating red or black slots, and the 0 slots are green. These colours are repeated on the corresponding layout of the gaming table where the chips are placed
  • Unlike many other popular casino games it is considered to be in bad taste to consume food or beverages while playing at Roulette tables
  • Roulette is possibly the only casino table game where a tip for the dealer is considered obligatory

The information above is just an excerpt from the our comprehensive PDF Roulette for Beginners . If you want more practical knowledge of the game, like how to play and strategies and tips to increase your skill and understanding, give this quick, informative eBook a read.