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Latest Posts

Casinos Expected to Spark Massive Aussie Tourism Boom

Written By Carla Harris

Cairns, Australia

Australia has beautiful beaches, heart-stopping natural wonders, and a plethora of cultural attractions. But it's another feature that some observers believe will ignite a massive tourism boom - new, world-class casinos.

Sound far-fetched? It's not. Many industry observers believe Australia is the world's next gaming hotspot.

Along with scenery and culture, Australia has another tourism ace-in-the-hole -- proximity to Asia. With the country's mining industry slowing down, a massive infusion of tourist dollars from Asia is an attractive proposition for local politicians.

With 13 casinos already in business, Australia isn't virgin territory for operators. Developers are betting, however, that a new and more upscale model will attract a large and untapped consumer market.

Tony Fung, a billionaire Hong Kong businessman, recently won approval for Aquis, an $8 billion gaming resort in Cairns. Fung has promised the project, which is vastly larger in scope than current Australian casinos, will be a "man-made wonder of the world."

The resort's pitch to potential visitors is enticing: an integrated gaming resort offering five-star luxury, situated next to one of the world's natural wonders -- The Great Barrier Reef.

The target demographic for the development is broad. Fung expects to lure some of Asia highest rollers -- while also tapping the vast Chinese middle class market.

Fung isn't alone. Two other developers, James Packer and ASF Consortium, plan to build world-class integrated resorts in the Gold Coast and Sydney respectively. Both of these casinos will also target the growing Chinese tourism market. It's a strategy industry observers believe could transform the Australian gaming landscape.

Gaming is extremely popular in Asia. As the Chinese middle class grows and acquires more purchasing power, developers are betting they'll cast an eye toward Australia's mix of casinos and natural beauty. If these mega-casinos pass muster with regulators, they could create tens of thousands of new jobs while pumping billions into the economy annually.

The idea of Australia as an international gaming center rivaling Las Vegas or Macau may seem like a longshot. But it's a bet these savvy casino magnates appear willing to make.

Casino-Mate goes Prehistoric this August with New Jurassic Park Video Slot

Written By Carla Harris

Jurassic Park Online Slot

PRESS RELEASE- Colossal new Slot is scheduled to be set loose on unsuspecting players

Casino-Mate’s latest addition, Jurassic Park™ is poised to thrill and entertain players like no other Slot, especially with the advent of new gaming technology that not only offers fantastic gameplay but also a visually appealing experience that exudes grandeur.

The 5-Reels, 243-Ways-to-Win Video Slot is unleashed on 6 August 2014  and boasts an array of fantastic features such as the randomly activated T-Rex Alert Mode which adds 35 Extra Wild symbols to the Reels for a limited time. In addition players can look forward to encountering one of five Free Spin Bonuses, each featuring a new 3D rendered dinosaur replete with unique Bonuses accompanying the 12 Free Spins.

Casino manager and spokesperson Carla Harris, commented, “We’re extremely pleased to be offering this amazing Video Slot to our players. We have to admit that we were blown away by the astounding presentation of the game. The graphics and audio are out of this world!”

Casino-Mate offers over 600 top-quality games, which guarantees the smoothest gameplay imaginable. Naturally banking security is paramount; as such the casino adheres to strict guidelines and protocols, including industry-standard 128-bit encryption technology that is certified by eCOGRA.

Players are never left in the dark and can rely on 24/7 multilingual Contact Centre should they have any queries or require any assistance. The friendly and informed staff can be reached either by email, toll-free number or live chat.

The Luckiest Country: Aussies Rank First Worldwide in Per Capita Gaming

Written By Carla Harris

Play Pokies in Australia

Ask someone to name the betting capital of the world and you might hear Las Vegas, Monaco or Macau.

But none of those iconic hotspots can compete with Australia.

Gambling Capital, a consulting firm based in the U.K., issued a report earlier this year naming Australia as the world's betting leader. Aussies spent roughly $1,200 per capita on gaming in 2013.

One can only speculate as to why Aussies have such a deep cultural affinity for gaming. How the country got to the top, though, is much clearer — an abiding love of "pokies," or video poker. H2 reported that video poker represents the largest chunk of gaming activity among Aussies.

National love for pokies is represented in the sheer number of machines in operation. With roughly one machine for every 108 residents, Australia has one of the highest rates in the world.

There's no denying that gaming is part of the country's cultural fabric — an estimated 80 percent of Australian adults participate in some form of wagering annually, according to a study published in Foreign Policy magazine. Whether it's bingo, sports betting or video poker, those numbers mean gaming is clearly a national pastime.

It's also huge business. The total worldwide gaming market was worth about $440 billion in 2013.

Though the Aussie gaming industry continues to grow, the country's reign at the top may be short-lived. China has zoomed from 10th place to second place in per capita wagering in the last decade. H2 predicts the Chinese will own the top spot within five years.

That's hardly bad news for Aussies, though. Australian casinos are extremely popular among Chinese tourists . That means a projected Asian gaming boom should pump billions into the Australian economy.

Several world-class Australian casino projects are underway, giving future tourists — and millions of enthusiastic local bettors — even more opportunity to get lucky.

Find Safe Online Casinos: Inspect Customer Support

Written By Carla Harris

Online Casino Support 24/7

There is a barrage of online casinos claiming to be the number one casino. They offer marvelous deposit bonuses and free play options with a promise of riches that raises the skeptic in us, and for good reason. How do you filter through the noise and get to the few reputable casinos online that you can actually trust?

Searching for reviews of casinos online isn’t the best option as there are millions of affiliate sites paying lip service to casinos for their own profit by providing sparkling reviews that display in search engine results when you look for them. You sign up and deposit money and they get a cut. But have they really placed you in safe, reliable hands? Not always. 

As a gambler, you have to pay great attention to customer service options as they provide a vital clue to how accountable a casino is. 

Can you call them?

The Wizard of Odds provides a blacklist of casinos that do not have randomized games and do not pay legitimate gambling winnings. Upon further inspection, you will find that some these sites do not have reliable customer support options. They may offer a live chat option and e-mail support with no contactable telephone numbers. While any Harry or Sally can be hired to man a phone line, it would be advisable to rethink your monetary commitment to a hard to reach casino.

Can you be helped at any time?

Good customer support options include

24/7 support which will provide you with help when you need it

Customer service representatives of reputable casinos ensure that there is always staff at hand, working different shifts to help you when you need it. 

Do they speak different languages?

The larger a casino claims to be, especially if they are “number 1”, the greater the likelihood that a casino provides support in different languages. 

For example, a “number one casino in Europe” should ideally have more than one language option that caters for the various dialects in the region. While there is a sizeable amount of English speakers in Europe at 67,000,000 what about the 95,000,000 Russian speakers, the 80,000 French speakers, and the 90,000,000 German speakers? While not impossible, it is very difficult to be a number one casino in Europe without catering for at least some languages other than English.

It’s no secret that the online casino industry has a multitude of dark crevices and shady alleyways that many consumers wished they hadn’t crossed. You can mitigate your risks by a significant percentage if you are vigilant about customer support and weigh claims made by a casino against simple realities that you are aware of.

8 Blackjack Myths Busted

Written By Carla Harris


Blackjack isn't only the most popular table game in the casino, it also has the most myths and misconceptions associated with it. On the surface it's a pretty easy game. We can all count to 21. However, while playing the game is easy, there are aspects that need to be mastered and pitfalls that should be avoided. Most players know that blackjack can offer the best odds in the casino. 

What's difficult is deciding fact from fiction. Let's bust these eight myths to find the truth.

Myth #1: Get as Close to 21 as Possible

Many Blackjack players believe the objective of the game is to get as close to 21 without going over. This isn't true. The goal is to beat the dealer ! There will be times when you should be perfectly content standing with a hand of 12. Twelve isn't very close to 21, so why wouldn't we take another card? If the dealer is showing a six, the odds dictate that we're better off standing. We're hoping the dealer will bust. The decisions you make at the blackjack table are based on beating the dealer, not getting as close to 21 as you can.

Myth #2: You Should Change Your Strategy

Some players will play the same hand differently depending on the results. In other words, they'll suddenly stand on a hard 15 when the dealer is showing a 10 because they lost the last two times they hit in the same situation. Some players won't split eights because they have a large amount of money to bet. Correct basic strategy while playing blackjack is always the same. You shouldn't change the mathematically correct way to play a hand because you're losing or have a big bet on the table.

Myth #3: Always Stand on 18

Eighteen is usually a pretty good hand to stand on. However, there are three situations when you might have a soft 18 (ace and seven) where the correct play is to hit. If the dealer is showing a nine, 10, or an ace, you should take a hit.

Myth #4: Other Players Caused You to Lose

This might be the biggest myth of all. It's frustrating when the cards aren't going our way. What's the easiest thing to do to make us feel better? Blame someone else for our losses! It's a common misconception to believe the player at "third-base" (player on the left) can determine whether we win or lose. This would be true if the player could see the next card that was going to be dealt, but without that knowledge, their play has no statistical bearing on your long-term results.

Myth #5: Always Take Insurance When You Are Dealt Blackjack

If you're dealt a blackjack and the dealer has an ace showing, many players will take "even money." This means they'll take insurance to make sure they win. If they don't take insurance and the dealer has blackjack too, it's considered a "push" (tie). This seems logical. Guarantee yourself a win by taking insurance instead of risking a tie and not receiving winnings. However, statistics dictate that you'll win more money in the long run by not taking insurance.

Myth #6: Never Hit a Hard 16

Sixteen is the worst hand in blackjack. Players won't hit with a 16 for fear of busting. They believe they have a better chance of winning by standing, and hoping the dealer busts. This isn't a sound strategy. The correct play is to hit against a dealer's up card of seven, eight, nine, 10, or ace. Again, 16 is a bad hand and you're probably going to lose. 

Myth #7: All Blackjack Games Are the Same

Blackjack has many rules . Some benefit the player while others benefit the casino. It's important to learn the different rule variations and know how they affect your odds of winning. The most important rule to be aware of is the payout for blackjack. In most games, the payout for blackjack is 3:2. If you bet $10 and receive an ace and a 10 value card on your first two cards, you'll win $15. However, there are some casinos that'll only pay 6:5 for a blackjack. It may seem insignificant, but it's a huge disadvantage for the player. Stay away from games that only pay 6:5.

Myth #8: Good Blackjack Players Are Lucky and Bad Players Are Unlucky

In any game of chance, luck plays a role in your rate of success in the short-term. That's one of the reasons gambling is so appealing. You can win on any given night. However, blackjack is a game that involves skill. The more you understand the correct plays and the rules, the better your chances of success in the long-term. Don't let luck completely control your fate. Learn the correct way to play the game and you'll be better off.

Blackjack myths have been around as long as the game itself. Don't let them ruin your hand. Good luck! 

The Affluent August 20K Tournament Gets Underway at Casino-Mate

Written By Carla Harris

Immortal Romance

PRESS RELEASE- Casino-Mate is once again very proud to be hosting one of the industry’s most celebrated events, in which players can win a share of €20, 000 with the Video Slot Immortal Romance.

Casino-Mate is one of the most reputable Casinos, offering attractive Bonuses and unforgettable tournaments such as the monthly 20K.

In going the extra mile for their players, the Casino-Mate is also available to a wide range of players and offers impeccable 24/7 online support services plus highly secure banking options which are routinely updated to ensure their players have a successful experience each and every time they engage with the Casino.

Incase readers aren’t already aware, the 20K Tournament at Casino-Mate awards players with a share of the €20, 000, whilst the winner walks away with a sultry €4, 000. The game of choice for the August 20K is none other than the admired Immortal Romance Video Slot, based on the celebrated beings of immortality – Vampires. Whilst Vampires have always been an infatuation for many, Immortal Romance introduces players to a world less travelled.

To engage with these dark beings and to acquire a taste of immortality, players should make sure they enter the August 20K from Monday, 4 August 2014 (00:01 GMT) and start playing from Friday, 8 August 2014 (18:00 GMT) until Friday, 22 August 2014 (22:00 GMT).

For more information on the Casino-Mate 20K Tournament this August, as well as information regarding all the exquisite Bonuses and themed games the casino offers, head over to the getting started page and sign on to Casino-Mate. Once you have downloaded our software you will be treated to a wealth of tournaments and promotions. 

Night at Casino Ends in Embarrassment for ex-Tasmanian Premier

Written By Carla Harris

Casino Embarrassment

Former Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon was forcibly removed from Melbourne’s Crown Casino on 24 July after allegedly creating a disturbance, which he argues was due to him licking his finger during a game of Texas hold ‘em Poker.

Witnesses described to The Mercury, a Tasmanian news publication, how Lennon was ‘frog-marched’ off the premises by up to six members of the casino’s security staff with his hands bound by cable ties. Lennon, who was Tasmania’s premier from 2004 until 2008, was also slapped with a $739 fine for failing to leave a licensed premise, according to a Victoria Police spokesman.

There are conflicting versions of the events that led up to the incident. Lennon maintained that he had broken a little-known rule during the poker game by licking his index finger before picking up his cards. The Age, a Victorian news publication, quoted Lennon saying that the dealer had taken offense to him licking his finger and had asked him to move away from the table. Lennon claimed that he was manhandled by staff after he had complied.

Alleged witnesses paint a very different picture. Speaking to The Mercury, a witness described how Lennon had berated a woman at his table, accusing her of touching his casino chips. The man, named only as Steven, alleged that Lennon had been sitting at the Vegas Bar by himself at a neighbouring table. A woman at his table touched one of his chips, said Steven, and he ‘went off at her’. When a security guard asked him to calm down he continued to shout, demanding that she be removed from the bar. They came back repeatedly to ask him to calm down, but after an hour they had enough and forcefully ejected him, Steven claimed.

Lennon told The Mercury that he had been drinking only water that night and denied being abusive. He also claimed that it was he who had requested for the police to be called. He said, “It was, as far as I’m concerned, a ridiculous episode.”

He added, “I’d be surprised if anyone’s ever been asked to leave before because they licked their index finger before they looked at a card, but that’s what happened to me.”

Indeed a Google search turned up no other reported incidents in which a poker player had been ejected from a casino poker game for licking a finger, nor any set of rules that specifically states that licking fingers is an offense.

Top Australian Casino Mogul Ventures a Return to the Las Vegas Market

Written By Carla Harris

Las Vegas

The Executive Chairman of Australia's Crown Resorts, Ltd., James Packer, is betting big on a rapidly recovering Las Vegas economy. Partnering with former Wynn Resorts executive Andrew Pascalwith and the global asset management firm Oaktree Capital Management, he has recently acquired a 34.5-acre site on the North Las Vegas Strip.

Mr. Packer and his partners plan to erect a massive new casino complex on land that was formerly occupied by the historic New Frontier Hotel and Casino. As the majority stakeholders in the project, Packer and Crown Resorts have already spent more than $280 million on land acquisition and preliminary development planning. While certainly high-stakes, that figure is considerably less than the $1.24 billion that Israeli businessmen Nochi Dankner and Yitzhak Tshuva paid for the very same plot of land shortly after the demolition of the New Frontier in 2007.

After losing nearly $2 billon in Las Vegas during the financial crisis of 2008, James Packer has primarily focused on his multiple casino ventures in his home country of Australia. As Crown Resort’s Executive Chairman, he operates Melbourne’s world-renown Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex . Located in the heart of the downtown area on the south bank of the Yarra River, it is the single largest casino and hotel complex in the Southern Hemisphere.

In addition to his Australian gaming empire, Mr. Packer oversees successful gambling and leisure operations in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. With a little luck, his new enterprise on the New Frontier lot will finally give him a stronghold in the elusive Las Vegas market.

How to Play Roulette - A Basic Guide

Written By Carla Harris

The basic aim of Roulette is to place your bets on a number. range of numbers of one of two colours that are featured on the Roulette wheel in hopes that when the ball is spun it will land in the wagered slot and result in a win. 

The more specific a bet is, for example, betting on a single number, the higher the payout will be than if betting, for example, on one of the two colours. This is because the odds are greater and there is less probability of a win.

Almost all Roulette tables have a minimum and maximum bet limit. Each player at the table will get a different set of colour chips for easy identification and convenience. Once the players have their chips they can begin placing them on the desired numbers to make their bets. The dealer will then spin the Roulette wheel and place the ball in the wheel going in the opposite direction. The dealer will also then call out “No more bets” and players should then take heed and stop placing their chips on the table. A dealer has the right to remove any bets made after this call. Once the ball and wheel have stopped spinning and the ball has landed on a numbered slot, the dealer will call out the winning number and place a marker(also known as a dolly) on the table on top of the winning number. 

Any chips on the table that do not qualify for the winning number will be swept off the table in one smooth motion by the dealer. The dealer will then proceed to payout any winnings to the players who landed the winning number. While the dolly is on the table players may not place any new bets or remove any chips that are still on the table. Once the dealer has made the payouts and has removed the dolly from the table, the next round can begin

Learn Roulette Betting Strategies

There are numerous ways in which you can place a bet in a game of Roulette : you can either bet on one number, the colour, odd or even, a particular group of numbers or on a specific number and its neighbours.

Remember: You are allowed to place your bets at any time, usually before or just after the dealer spins the wheel and until the dealer calls “No more bets!”

The different ways in which you can place a bet are as follows:

You can place inside bets with chips valued from 5 and higher.

Straight up:

Place your chip on a single number

– Odds 35:1


Place your chip on the line bordering two numbers to bet on both numbers at once

– Odds 17:1


Place your chip on the line at the edge of the three line row to bet on three numbers at once

– Odds 11:1


Place your chip on the intersection of four numbers to bet on all four at once

– Odds 8:1

Six Line:

Place your chip on two bordering streets to bet on all six numbers

– Odds 5:1

Trio or Basket:

Place your chip on the intersection between 0,1,2 or 0,2,3 and in American Roulette’s case 0,1,2 or 00,2,3

– Odds 11:1

Outside Bets

Note: Outside bets usually require you to bet with a chip value of 50 or higher.

1 to 18 :

Place your chip on the betting box 1 to 18

– Odds 1:1

19 to 36:

Place your chip on the betting box 19 to 36

– Odds 1:1

Red or Black:

Place your chip on either the red or black box

– Odds 1:1

Even or Odd:

Place your chip on either the odd or even box

– Odds 1:1

Dozen Bets:

Place your chip in the first, second or third 12

betting box

– Odds 2:1

Column Bets:

Place your chip in the first, second or third

column box

– Odds 2:1

Don't let the various numbers, combinations and blocks on a Roulette table confuse you. Ultimately, this is a game that requires you to to place bets on where you think the magic ball will land. Play around online to get a feel for the game with the various Freeplay options available at many casino's online.

Queensland Announces Plans to Construct Three New Casino Resorts

Written By Carla Harris


In addition to its well-deserved reputation for sun and surf, Queensland, Australia, is also a renowned destination for gaming enthusiasts. With four operational casinos and approximately 45,000 gaming machines in more than 1,200 pubs, it already supports more recreational gambling operations than any other Australian state. A new initiative supported by State Premier Campbell Newman aims to ease Queensland’s employment and state revenue problems by expanding these operations even further.

Newman recently announced plans to bring three new multibillion-dollar casino resorts to the Queens Wharf precinct of Queensland. The Australian casino conglomerate Crown Resorts has partnered with the China’s Greenland Holding Group to bid for the massive construction and development project.

This partnership between Australia and China speaks volumes about the current casino market in Queensland. In recent years, Chinese tourism has been steadily growing throughout the region.

After seeing Singapore give a significant boost to its tourism market by building luxury casinos, Premier Newman and other Australian officials are hoping to follow suit in Queensland. In order to turn a profit, however, the proposed Queensland casinos must be specifically designed to attract Chinese tourists.

Premier Newman acknowledges that the design of these casino resorts will be absolutely essential to their success. He adamantly stresses that the future facilities should be “iconic,” and said, “We’re not just looking for a hotel and some shops.”

Like Crown Resorts, the remaining three shortlisted contenders for the Queensland bid all have strong connections to China. No matter who ultimately controls the project, the results are likely to be impressive.

Crown Resort currently owns and operates Melbourne’s world-class Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in addition to other luxury gaming and hospitality facilities in Australia and abroad. At present, Crown Resort’s biggest competitor for the Queensland bid is the Echo Entertainment Group, an organization that already runs the Treasury Casino and Hotel in a beautiful, heritage-listed building that stands roughly adjacent to the Queens Wharf precinct.