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Apr 28, 2017
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“Handsome” Australian-raised gorilla finds fame

Written By Carla Harris

Shabani the Gorilla

It seems that an Australian zoo produced a gorilla that is driving Japanese women mad because of his “good looks”.

The gorilla, known as Shabani, lives in Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan and was raised at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. Since Shabani moved to Japan in 2007, he has attracted a large following of fans who find him “attractive” and “handsome”.

Shabani is an 18-year old silverback and boasts rippling muscles and a mysterious look on his face. Shabani was moved to Japan in order to mate with three female gorillas, and as a result has two male offspring.

The gorilla’s fame is mostly thanks to Twitter, where followers often refer to Shabani as an “ikemen”, which means “good-looking man”. Pictures of Shabani are also making the rounds on social networks, where fans capture him while he appears to be flexing his muscles, stare into the distance, and play with the younger gorillas.

Allan Schmidt, Taronga Zoo senior zookeeper, said that Shabani was moved to Australia from The Netherlands in December 1996 with his family when he was only two-months old. Schmidt also said that he wasn’t surprised about Shabani’s fame because “the Japanese are crazy and [they] love their fads”.

Higashiyama Zoo officials stated that there has been an incredible increase in young female visitors to see Shabani, who luckily loves the limelight and doesn’t mind his pictures taken.

A Rundown of the Runway - Chanel Couture Show

Written By Carla Harris

Chanel WInter Fashion Show

Karl Lagerfeld chose a casino theme for this year’s Chanel Couture Show, where he made use of 3D printing for a futuristic version of the classic Chanel suit.

Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore gathered around the roulette tables in the centre of the runway, while Rita Ora and French singer Vanessa Paradis were also attending as high rollers at the runway show.

The models were boasting sharply-cut black bobs and bright lipstick to set a 1920s atmosphere, but Lagerfeld managed to take the look into the 21st century by designing the Chanel suits with square-cut shoulders and boxy jackets.

Lagerfeld used a laser aimed into space as a technique to design the three-dimensional suits, as it binds powdered material to create a solid structure. He stated that the “idea is to take the most iconic jacket of the 20th century and make a 21st century version, which technically was unimaginable in the period when it was born.”

Most women who buy couture today are young and modern, which is why couture can only be kept alive if it adapts with the times, says Lagerfeld.

The décor of the runway show was inspired by “the ambience of casinos at a time when people dressed up.” “They didn’t appear to try and win to pay the rent at the end of the month. Today casinos are a bit more dreary because people no longer get dolled up.”

Underwater Volcanoes

Written By Carla Harris

Heat Map of Underwater Volcanoes

A team of Australian researchers recently discovered four enormous underwater volcanoes during a search for lobster larvae off the coast of Sydney.

The extinct volcanoes are believed to be about 50 million years old and are situated just 250km off the coast.

The scientists from Australia’s national science agency (CSIRO) made use of Investigator, Australia’s new ocean-going research vessel, in order to spot the volcano cluster through sonar mapping of the sea floor.

The largest of the four volcanoes is 1.5km across the rim and rises 700m from the sea floor. The volcano cluster is approximately 20km-long and is 5km underwater.

According to the researchers, this discovery may lead to answers as to how Australia separated from New Zealand. Volcano expert, Richard Arculus, said that “this is the first time these volcanoes have been seen.”

Scientists hope that the discovery will lead them to better understand the Earth’s crust as it can “tell us part of the story of how New Zealand and Australia separated around 40 to 80 million years ago,” Richard Arculus said. It is believed that the volcanoes were created by a series of shifts in geological plates.

Professor Iain Suthers, a marine biologist at the University of NSW, said there is a big chance that there are other undiscovered volcanoes in the region, but the Investigator only operates 180 days per year as it doesn’t have enough funding.

The last volcanic eruption in Australia is approximately more than 5 000 years ago.

The Porsche Cayman S

Written By Carla Harris

Porsche Cayman

Some of us could only imagine being the owner of a brand new Porsche Cayman S, but the dream is one step closer to becoming a reality for one lucky player thanks to the Win-a-Car promotion that’s currently running at Casino-Mate.

The promotion is quite simple: players simply need to wager $/€1,000 on any game that get their hearts racing for a chance to drive away with this superior prize.

Players will receive a Checkered Flag for every $/€1,000 wagered, which is worth one entry into the draw. There’s a maximum of ten Checkered Flags per checkpoint and there are four checkpoints in total, which means players can earn up to 40 entries into the lucky draw.

Players who are brave enough to put their racing faces on from 3 August 2015 to 31 August 2015 will definitely not regret the thrilling journey. The player who is lucky enough to win this fast and agile piece of machinery will be announced at the end of this month.

The Porsche isn’t the only thing players can gain from this promotion though – as 10 Free Spins on the Racing for Pinks Video Slot will be awarded to every player who wagers $/€2,000.

Get your engines fired up because this is one promotion you don’t want to miss out on!

New Rugby Star Online Pokie at Casino-Mate

Written By Carla Harris

Rugby Star Online Pokie

The brand new 5-Reel, 243-Ways-to-Win Video Pokie called Rugby Star is making its way to Casino-Mate this September, which means that you can get ready for a month packed with sporty action.

Seeing that the Rugby World Tournament is starting soon, this exciting Pokie is releasing just in time to get you into the spirit of things. Players will have access to this new addition as of Wednesday, 9 September 2015.

Get ready for some serious action right from the first whistle as you can score a try and epic wins of up to 120 000. Rugby Star boasts superb features such as Rolling Reels™, Multipliers, Stacked Wilds and a Wild Pass, as well as up to 25 Free Spins which are triggered by 3, 4, or 5 Scatters.

The Rugby Star Pokie is powered by Microgaming™ technology, which means smooth gameplay and epic graphics are awaiting players who are brave enough to step onto the rugby field to take on this Pokie.

If you’re a new player, Casino-Mate will award you with two fantastic Welcome Bonuses, which includes the 4-Tier Deposit Bonus and the FreePlay Bonus.

Don’t drop the ball – victory can be yours!

Serenity Online Pokie

Experience the Calm with the New Serenity Pokie at Casino-Mate

Generally, when people think about online slot games they think about the graphics, sound quality and hype that so aptly associated with these casino games. Online Pokies are definitely a feat for the senses. But what if you fancy something that is a little more Zen and little less chaotic? You love online pokies but your brain also pleads for a break from the constant bombardment of stressful sounds and all the chaotic elements that come with the everyday modern lifestyle. The answer, my fellow online gambler, can be found in Casino-Mate’s new selection of Online Pokies, and it goes by the name of Serenity

About the New Serenity Pokie

Serenity is the newest pokie game to be introduced to the large catalogue of online pokies at Casino-Mate! As the name suggests, Serenityexudes a sense of calm and tranquillity. It’s the perfect solution for those Aussies who want to enjoy their favourite online pokies but also wish for a break from the hustle and bustle of modern living.

Inspired with an East-Asian theme, the game exudes a more spiritual look and feel. Even though Serenity has a relaxing Eastern inspired feel, it should not be mistaken for boring! As with any online pokie, the game features plenty of opportunities to win and includes regular prizes, free spins and multipliers. Serenity is a 5 x 3 Reel, 15-Payline video pokie that offers the opportunity to win up to 1600 times your original wager. SerenityAlso includes a Lantern Bonus feature and gives players the chance to choose up to 5 lanterns, each one giving a Bonus Prize.

You can play this online pokie while enjoying the meditative soundtrack that adds to the tranquil atmosphere of the game. In addition to all the features that make this game the Asian-inspired masterpiece it is, there are also exquisitely designed Chinese lanterns of varying colours to look forward to. Thus showcasing a new level of game design.

Serenity is one of the newest games to emerge from Microgaming. As has come to be expected with Microgaming’s Online Pokies, you’ll find that this online pokie also boasts cutting-edge graphics. In the mood for winning big while being Zen, play Serenity Online Pokie at Casino-Mate!

What’s New at Casino-Mate?

Lucky Twins Slot Machine

Lucky Twins Online Pokie

Casino-Mate introduces an all-new Online Pokie for Australian and international online gamblers. Introducing new games as often as possible is a large part of the Casino-Mate philosophy. As a highly-regarded and prestigious Online Casino, Casino-Mate achieves what all good online casinos do. We have a wide and varied selection of Online Casino games that will continue to grow with the frequent addition of brand new Online Casino games.

Lucky Twins Online Pokie Theme

Lucky Twins is one of the newest games to be release by Microgaming™. This Online Pokie features an oriental theme and is a 5-Reel, 9 Payline Pokie. The symbols and theme of Lucky Twins all relate to Luck and have a special meaning attached to them. This Online Pokie has a traditional Chinese theme and features colours like red and gold. Lucky Twins also has an oriental soundtrack and sound effects, these include percussion which is reminiscent of an Ancient Chinese era. If the name doesn’t make you feel lucky, perhaps the theme and soundtrack will. The symbols in the game include a Lucky Cat, a Dream Catcher, Firecrackers and a Pouch of Chinese Coins. The game also includes the regular symbols like, 10, J, Q, K and A.


Unfortunately, Lucky Twins Online Pokie does not include any bonus features. Players will have to solely rely on Scatter and Wild symbols for that extra element in this Online Pokie. Lucky Twins is a medium volatility Pokie with frequent wins that are between 5 and 10 times your original bet. The maximum jackpot win is 25 000 coins. Although the game fails to include any mini-games or bonus features players can still look forward to Scatters, Wilds and Free Spins so it’s still a worthwhile Online Pokie. The game works well on all types of platforms such as desktops, tablets, laptops and mobile phones. You can win big with this new Online Pokie at Casino-Mate Online Casino! Feel free to test and try New Online Pokies at Casino-Mate.

What is Professional Online Gaming?

Profressional Gambling

Competitive esports is here and it’s real with tournaments boasting millions of dollars in prize pool money. Your parents will no longer be able to feed you that age-old line; “you can’t make money by playing video games all day”. Professional gaming has become so huge that ESPN have even dedicated a specific section on their site to covering and reporting on all the latest news in esports. The ESPN esports section will cover everything from league championships across the globe to in depth gamer profiles. The site will also include news on popular online games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone and Heroes of Warcraft.
Dota 2 has a much anticipated tournament coming up which features a prize pool only gaming gods would dream about. The game is a simple tower defence strategy game that includes two teams, each consisting of five people each. The objective is to protect your own team’s towers and base while simultaneously working at destroying the opposition’s towers and base.

What’s in the esports news now?

The next Dota 2 tournament is set to take place is Manila, Philippines and is scheduled for June this year. The new ESPN esports section will include in depth coverage on this tournament. It will be interesting to see how fans and players of these popular online games will react to ESPN’s coverage of their favourite esport games. The last Dota 2 tournament took place in August 2015 and set a record of esports prize pool money with $18.4 million. The upcoming tournaments will feature a prize pool of $3 million. Esport tournaments are not small-fry tournaments, indeed. They’ll feature some of the biggest names in online gaming history. The Manilla tournament will be a chance for professional gamers to prove and establish themselves before the international tournament begins in August 2016.
The Mall of Asia Arena will host the Manila tournament and is said to have hosted some pretty big rock concerts. The tournament is predicted to host 7000 Dota 2 fans. With an event of this magnitude, it’s certain that professional online gaming is at a pinnacle stage. It’s definitely become, somewhat, of a ‘big deal’.

New Bikini Party Online Slot at Casino-Mate

Written By Carla Harris

Bikini Party Screenshot

Since the launch of Microgaming’s new slot machine Bikini Party, it has left everyone in desperate need of a beach holiday. Feel the summer love as you play beach volley with Kitty, Daisy, Sunny, Honey, and Kiki.

The Bikini Party Online Slot Machine features attractive women ready to flaunt their way to a winning combination. The party is set on the beach and is bound to get any man’s attention.

Bikini Party offers players a 5 reel, 243 ways-to-win Online Slot Machine. Activate a world of fun by simply pressing the spin button. The beach party if filled with lots of excitement and energy. Bikini Party offers a wide variety of symbols and free spins, in order to create the highest possible winning combination. The beach ball symbols act as scatters which reward players with 15 free spins when three or more appear on the reels. During free spins payouts are tripled with a 3x multiplier. However, what makes the game so unique is the Reel re-spin feature. When players obtain a close to high payout combination, this feature gives players the opportunity to re-spin the reel that did not contribute to the almost winning combination.

For example; if Sunny appeared on reels 1, 3, 4, and 5. The player can re-spin reel 2 in hopes for Sunny to appear and ultimately generating a winning combination. Each of the lucky ladies have their own payouts with the highest being 4000 coins.

Bikini Party Online Slot in a Nutshell

Bikini Party features a wide variety of special symbols. These symbols include; wild symbols, beach umbrella, coconut, and cocktails symbols. The wild symbol contains a citrus wheel on the glass and replaces most symbols on the screen. When the wild appears in the third reel, it will create a mega wild. This will give players the opportunity to create a symbol that covers more spots on the machine which gains higher payouts. The beach umbrella activates free spins. Three or more umbrella symbols are required to get a minimum of three free spins. Players can receive a maximum of thirty free spins when five umbrella symbols appear. The coconut and cocktail symbols acts as a bonus symbol. The coconut symbol activates a bonus game whereby players can choose from random symbols. While the cocktail symbol causes the value of the spin to change over time, resulting in an even possible payout.

Bikini Party offers some unique features putting it in a league of its own. The special features and symbols are worth the while joining in on the fun. Don’t wait for the summer, get your bathers out and join in the fun today!

Have you got what it takes?

Leap into the Monthly Monster Tournament with lady luck starting on February 29 2016 until March 6 2016. A €10 entry fee is what gets you a chance at a €20 000 jackpot.

Monthly Monster Tournament


  • There is an entry fee of €10
  • The maximum number of players who can participate is 1000
  • Continuous play options are restricted to 5
  • The number of rebuys are restricted to 10
  • There is only one round of play
  • The round will take place for a duration of 7 (SEVEN) days
  • Players receive 18 000 (EIGHTEEN THOUSAND) starting coins
  • The play time is allocation is 15 minutes.
  • The minimum bet is set at 30
  • The maximum bet is 300
  • Continue play time is limited to 10 minutes
  • Continue coins are set at 12 000 (TWELVE THOUSAND)
  • There is a continue cost fee of €10
  • Rebuy Play Time is restricted to 15 minutes
  • Rebuy coins are restructured to 18 000 (EIGHTEEN THOUSAND)
  • The rebuy cost is €15
  • The top 20 players will receive cash prizes- with the winner walking away with €20 000.

The Monthly Monster extender tournament is bound to get you spinning away. If you have what it takes to beat the odds, enter now!