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Apr 28, 2017
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Loaded HD Online Slots Review

Written By Carla Harris

Loaded Slot Machine

The popular Loaded Slot is reintroduced as a fully HD, optimised Video Slot with sharp, modern graphics and the same solid engine as its predecessor. Microgaming has done a brilliant job in redesigning the graphics giving it a truly modern feel and the high definition dimensions substantially increase the player interaction.

This classic hip-hop themed 5 Reel, 25 Payline slot is the same game players know and love with a new soundtrack, revamped visuals and modern functionality to further pay homage to the tongue-in-cheek take on the hip hop music industry, complete with gold-plated turntables, huge music awards, and a royal purple Cadillac.

This ghetto-glamorous Video Slot offers players the chance to reap a wealth of bling and tricked-out prizes ranging from Free Spins features to a Gamble feature.

The Free Spins feature is activated when 3, 4 or 5 Scatters represented by the Bling Bling symbol appears on the reels. This unlocks the Free Spins chamber where three foxy mamas each represent a Free Spin and Multiplier combination: 12 Free Spins at a 4x multiplier, 16 Free Spins at a 3x multiplier, or 24 Free Spins at a 2x multiplier.

If players are fortunate enough to land on the Triple 7 gangster Wild symbol, it triples any win it contributes to, prompting the dollar dollar bills to dramatically increase.

As in the original game, players are given even more opportunity to fill their money clip and test their street smarts with a Card Gamble Feature that can double or quadruple their win. All they have to do is wager on red or black to double their wins, or live life on the wild side and bet on a card suit to quadruple their cash.

This Slot is ideal for those older thugs who know what they’re doing and are looking for higher stakes – the minimum bet sits 0.01 and a maximum bet sits at 125, with a dope jackpot of 210,000.

Take to virtual streets and run with this posse now.

Forsaken Kingdom Online Slots

Written By Carla Harris

Forsaken Kingdom

For those with a penchant for adventure and ancient lore pertaining to King Arthur and the Round Table, this game title is sure to tick all the boxes. Introducing Forsaken Kingdom ™ where the player takes on the esteemed character role of King Arthur.

Players will be confronted by dark and hostile environments depicted in Hollywood-like blockbuster orchestration but as always the hero will have access to weapons and tools to get through the most trying predicaments.

In keeping with the Arthurian-theme, players will be delighted by the extra features which all touch on popular elements of the fable including the romantic Eternal Love feature, the eye-pleasing Guinevere Stacked Wild feature and the mighty Epic Battle Bonus.

The Free Spins feature is initiated when three or more Shield symbols appear on the reels. The Free Spins feature is sure to astound players when King Arthur himself appears on screen and pulls Excalibur from the stone revealing between 5 and 12 Free Spins. All these tremendous highlights are rounded off with the Excalibur Win symbol that proves superb winning opportunities.

The crowning glory of this Slot can be found in the form of the Round Table of Fortune feature. The main objective of the game is to summon all twelve knights to the Round Table by collecting their corresponding shield symbols. Once all twelve are present the feature initiates and a bountiful treasure is unlocked with aid of Multipliers.

This Slot is truly amazing, not only does it boast great gaming features but also phenomenal graphics and fantast animations that create the perfect ambience for a dark medieval Slot.

Take up arms with this 5-Reel Video Slot and traverse the medieval landscape for a mythical adventure.

*One must note though that this game is only available on Flash.

Online Poker player wins big

Written By Carla Harris

Play Poker Online

An astonishing win was recently awarded in New Jersey after a player struck it lucky on the online Poker variant, Let it Ride. The man who preferred to remain anonymous smashed the previous online jackpot record held by Cathy Ruela of $1,3 million with his mighty $1,52 million jackpot.

The New Jersey man won with the hand with a Royal flush after wagering $500 on his three initial bets, as well as a 3 Card-Bonus side bet. It was reported that the man won the grand sum through 1000:1 payout on the three $500 bets as well as a 40:1 pay out on his 3 Card-Bonus bet for a Straight Flush.

The Let It Ride game offers players a relaxed pace in contrast with other Table Games which has proved to be an excellent candidate for older players as well as beginners.

The popular Let it Ride game is a variation of the Five-Card Stud with the game based on three player cards and two community cards. The community cards are initially dealt face downwards and the player is given two chances to withdraw a third of their initial wager. The first opportunity is offered after the player has had a chance to view their cards before the first community card has been revealed. The second opportunity follows after the first community card has been revealed. The player can decide to reduce their wager on both of these instances, a single instance, or they can opt to keep their original wager intact – this move is then termed as “letting it ride”.

It certainly appears that New Jersey’s decision to legalise online gambling in November 2013 has paid off as reported revenues for the fiscal year of 2014 amounted to $122 million with a number of players also reaping in the rewards.

Online gambling opponents a no-show at CPAC debate

Written By Carla Harris

The recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was meant to see two sides of the online gambling legalisation issue in America square off in a debate, but the team of online gambling’s opponents simply didn’t pitch up.

The two organisations that were meant to go head to head at the CPAC conference, a political conference for conservative activists and elected officials, were the self-explanatory Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG) and the Poker Players Alliance (PPA). The former, an organisation bankrolled by the hugely contraversial casino magnate and Republican Party mega-donor, Sheldon Adelson, supports a bill which would effectively cement the illegal status of online gambling across the United States, the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA). The 81-year-old Adelson has made little secret of his dislike for the very concept of gambling online and has rallied an unlikely alliance of conservative groups with the formation of CSIG, consisting of many organisations which seem outwardly opposed to gambling in its entirety.

PPA Executive Director John Pappas was present at the CPAC event to defend online gambling and relaxing the current prohibition in all but a handful of states. The debate was titled “Full House: Whose Got the Winning Hand? A Debate on Internet Freedom and the 10th Amendment: Should Congress Shut Down State-Authorized Gambling Websites?” However nobody from the other side of the debate, representing Adelson’s CSIG, made an appearance. Las Vegas Sands Vice President of Government Relations, Andy Abboud, was meant to be in attendence but as the scheduled time came and went there was no sign of him or anyone else to speak on behalf of the CSIG. Of course the debate had to be cancelled.

Pappas released a statement soon after in which he said, “I guess when the rubber meets the road prohibition supporters realize they can’t backup their fear-mongering PR campaign with actual facts. I was looking forward to an open and fair debate on the future of online gaming, and not just because the facts are on our side. Before Congress votes on any legislation that would impose a broad prohibition, like the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, I think American voters deserve to hear both sides clearly articulate how such a ban impacts consumers, states and the economy.” He added that the fact primary RAWA supporters refused to join the debate indicated to him that they want the bill rubberstamped without having to debate its merits.

London Rooftop Casino imminent

Written By Carla Harris

London Rooftop Views

The majority of smokers experience a certain yen when they take to gambling and one of Britain’s most elite casinos has come up with a brilliant solution. The Hilton Hotel in Park Lane is set to introduce a brand new private rooftop casino next month in where players can both play and puff away. The hotel opened its interior casino in November 2014 and has quickly become a high roller haven.

Those willing to fork out a cool £1000 membership fee will be able to access the roof garden extension kitted out with Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Three-card Poker tables.

David Mills, the hotel’s operations director, said: ‘Many of our clients come from countries where smoking bans do not apply. We want to provide them with a relaxing and enjoyable experience.’

The only issue gamblers may face is that fact that Westminster Council has banned the property from providing live or recorded music as a preventive measure so that the casino doesn’t disturb the neighbours. Oh well smokers can’t have it all.

Hong Kong Billionaire to Backdoor List Canberra CasinoHong Kong Billionaire to Backdoor List Canberra Casino

Written By Carla Harris

Casino Canberra

Canberra Casino will soon be backdoor listed through Namibian oil and gas explorer Discovery Resources. Discovery will change its name to Aquis Entertainment after giving approximately 89% of the shares to the Hong Kong gaming magnate, Tony Fung.

Mr Fung bought Canberra Casino for $6 million in December last year, complete with 39 gaming tables, two bars and licence fees that have been prepaid for five years. He also announced plans to upgrade his newly acquired casino in hopes of luring international and domestic gamers who are higher-spending than what Canberra is used to.

Experts reckon that this small move could be the start of major plans for Canberra Casino. Pat Flanagan, Aquis Barrier Reef Resort project manager, said in a statement that the “proposed listing of Aquis Entertainment Group is an important milestone in the future development of the Canberra Casino”. He also stated that the proposed listing relates exclusively to Canberra Casino and doesn’t have any immediate impact on the plans or ownership for the Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort, where Mr Fung is waiting on a gaming licence.

If there are any changes in the relationship between Aquis Entertainment and Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort, the public will be informed at the appropriate time.

Epic new Slot additions are coming your way

Written By Carla Harris

New Slots at Casino-Mate

Players can get ready for action-packed entertainment as new slots are joining the family at Casino-Mate in May. The thrilling new games include:

  • Ariana enables players to experience a breathtaking aquatic expedition with this 5-Reel, 25-Payline Video Slot that boasts starfish Scatters, Free Spins and epic wins to make for an unforgettable game.
  • Big Chef is a 5-Reel, 15-Payline Video Slot that is the perfect choice for players who want to experience a taste of exceptional French cuisine that will feed their hunger for riches.
  • Penguin Splash is an icy adventure that includes hot benefits such as Free Spins, a gamble feature, Scatters and more. Get ready to party with sea lions, polar bears, penguins and more with this premium 5-Reel Video Slot.
  • River of Riches will take you on a historical adventure through Egypt that awards extremely high payouts if you dare to take on the journey in search of riches. This Video Slot combines Free Spins and Fixed Wild symbols to make the whole experience even more rewarding.

Australian town creeped out as it rains spiders

Written By Carla Harris

Australian Spiders

Players can get ready for action-packed entertainment as new slots are joining the family at Casino-Mate in May. The thrilling new games include:

If the sun is practically blocked out by the webs of baby spiders falling from the skies, it will certainly be regarded as most people’s worst nightmare. However, for an Australian town called Goulburn, it was nothing less than a horrifying reality.

Locals complained earlier this month that the “rain” was appalling due to tiny spiders making nests in people’s hair and even beards. Ian Watson, a resident of Goulburn, said: “The whole place was covered in these little black spiderlings and when I looked up at the sun it was like this tunnel of webs going up for a couple of hundred metres into the sky.”

As creepy as this may seem, it is not uncommon for specific areas in Australia to experience such a phenomenon. Martyn Robinson, a naturalist from the Australian Museum, explained that spiders, especially babies, use a migration technique known as ballooning to migrate to the top of trees and plants and to “parachute” down using their webs.

Luckily, due to cold overnight temperatures, all the webs generally disappeared by the time morning hit. Robinson also stated that it was unlikely that any of the species of spiders involved in this phenomenon were harmful.

An Aggressive Species Spreads Fear Throughout Australia

Written By Carla Harris

Crawling Fish

An aggressive fish species that can survive outside of water for up to six days, crawl across dry land and suffocate its predators have been spotted on two islands in the Torres Strait, and is threatening to spread towards the Australian mainland.

A senior researcher at the James Cook University, Nathan Waltham, said that it would be a “major disaster” for certain Australian fish species and other wetland inhabitants such as turtles and birds if the crawling fish, known as Anabus testudineus, hit Australia. This is mainly because when the fish “populate an area they’re not commonly found in, they can disrupt the balance of that habitat”.

The fish, which is native to south-east Asia, has sharp spines on the protractible cover of its gills and uses it to drag itself from one waterhole to another. It can also hibernate in the mud of dried-up riverbeds for up to six months and it swells up when swallowed by predators in order to choke them to death.

Nathan Waltham also stated that the freshwater species could tolerate exposure to saltwater. According to Waltham, it’s very unlikely for the crawling fish to be able to swim all the way to the Australian mainland, but there is a danger that it would “arrive in the bottom of a fishing boat or as a discarded live-bait fish”.

Local fisherman are urged to report sightings if they find a fish species they are not familiar with. Waltham concluded that “only with on-going education and surveillance are we going to prevent climbing perch from arriving in northern Australia”.

Australia’s Hoyts Cinema Chain acquired by China’s Wanda

Written By Carla Harris

Hoyts Cinema Chain

China’s Wanda Cinema Line Corp has announced it will purchase the Australian cinema chain Hoyts Group – a decision that might just lead Wanda Cinema to become a global entertainment company.

Wanda Cinema didn’t disclose how much they are paying to get ownership of Hoyts, but it is speculated that the amount could be close to $750 million.

Over 450 cinema screens in Australia are operated by Hoyts, while Wanda Cinema is China’s largest cinema operator with over 150 motion-picture houses in 80 cities across the country.

Dalian Wanda, the parent company of Wanda Cinema Line Corp, seeks to expand its holdings away from real estate, hence the latest acquisition. The Dalian Wanda Group also owns the North American cinema chain AMC Entertainment.

Earlier this year, Dalian Wanda purchased Swiss marketing firm Infront Sports and Media AG for $1.15 billion, following a 45 million Euro investment in the Spanish soccer club Atletico Madrid.

Dalian Wanda also agreed to a $8.07 billion investment in 2013, in order to build a movie studio and entertainment complex in the Chinese coastal city, Qingdao. One thing is certain; the Wanda Group is rapidly increasing its foothold in the entertainment and leisure sector across various countries.