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Casino movies are always filled with chaos, laughs, and thrills. Hollywood greats like Scorsese and Spielberg have given us amazing films about casinos. Here is a look at the 5 best movies about casinos ever made.

Top 5 Best Casino Movies

5. Hard Eight

Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson

Year: 1996

Starring: Phillip Baker Hall, John C Reilly and Gwyneth Paltrow & Samuel L. Jackson

Hard is a crime thriller, about a gambler named Sydney, in his 60s. He meets a young man, John, who is trying to find $6, 000 to pay for his mother’s funeral. Sydney offers to drive John to Las Vegas and teach him how to make enough to survive through gambling. Two years later, John and Sydney are close friends entangled in a hostage situation.

4. Casino

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

Year: 1995

Starring:  Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci

Casino is a crime film based on the non-fiction book; Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas. The movie is about Sam, a gambling handicapper who is called in by the mob to run Tangiers Casino. Sam is successful until the mob’s enforcer; Nicky, Sam’s ex-wife; Ginger, Ginger’s con-artist Lex and corrupt politicians gradually put Sam in increasing danger.

3. 21

Directed by: Robert Luketic

Year: 2008

Starring: Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne and Kate Bosworth

21 is a heist drama film about Ben Campbell, an MIT math major who is accepted into Harvard Medical School but cannot afford the $300, 000 tuition fee. Ben joins a group of students who are led by their professor Mickey Rosa. The students use their math skills to win money in Las Vegas. All is fine and well until Ben crosses paths with casino enforcer Cole Williams. The movie is based on the true story of the MIT BlackJack Team as told by novelist Ben Mezrich.


2. Casino Royale

Directed by: Martin Campbell

Year: 2006

Starring:  Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen & Judi Dench

Casino Royal is a British Spy film about newly enlisted Secret Service agent James Bond. 007 must play a high-stakes poker game to stop Le Chiffre, a man who finances terrorist organisations.


1. Oceans 11

Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

Year: 2001

Starring:  George Cloney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts

Oceans 11 is a heist film about Danny Ocean, a man who along with his allies carry out the best casino heist in history. Danny lives by three rules; don't hurt anybody, don’t steal from anyone who doesn’t deserve it and play the game like you got nothing to lose.

Casino-Mate brings to life that feeling that you get every four years when the FIFA World Cup takes place with our latest casino promotion. The FIFA World Cup is the grand stage where all the top countries come together in one place to find out who is the best footballing nation. All the countries that qualified for this prestigious competition are drawn into eight different groups of four teams. This is the group stage before only 16 teams go through to the knockout rounds. After the round of 16, eight teams will reach the quarter finals, then four teams will progress to the semi-finals before the last two meet in the final match of glory. Even if your team doesn’t progress, Casino-Mate online casino is here to make you a winner with our World Cup casino promotion. Here’s how you can win bonus cash at our top online casino.

World cup promo

How the Promotion Works

This promotion runs on different levels, depending on the stage of the competition. Here’s a breakdown of each stage of the competition and how you can win.

Group stages

  • Throughout the duration of the group stage of the 2018 soccer World Cup, players select a team they predict will win in our match of the day.
  • Players must choose a team before they make a deposit on the banking page.
  • Players may only select one team per match.
  • Selecting the winning team earns you a 50% match bonus on how much you deposited before you chose your team.
  • Guess wrong and you’ll still be awarded a 20% match bonus on your deposit.
  • A draw result in the match of the day means you win a 30% bonus match on your deposit.

Quarter finals

  • The quarter finals stage runs over two days from 6 – 7 July 2018.
  • To earn the bonus, players need to select the winner of two games per day.
  • Players will then receive the chance to win two bonuses for that specific match day.
  • Take note that every game requires a separate deposit to enable you to select a winning team.

Terms & Conditions of the Promotion

Online casino players stand every chance of winning a bonus on top of their deposits. However, there are points that need to be taken into account to qualify for a bonus deposit match.

  • There is a minimum deposit requirement of $20 to qualify to make a selection.
  • Bonuses will be credited the next day at 12:00pm UTC.
  • At no point in time will players be allowed to change their selection after successful completion of a selection.
  • All bonuses are capped at $300.
  • For a comprehensive view of the full terms and conditions, click here.

Get in the Mood for the 2018 World Cup at Casino-Mate

Casino-Mate online casino is the home of top real money gambling on the internet. Online casino players can find the biggest selection of casino games and pokies. For your shot at scoring with this great casino promotion, sign up at our world-class gambling site. We’ve got something for every kind of player, including an exclusive welcome offer that will make you join in no time.

We are not even half way into the year yet and already the worldwide box office is booming. Worldwide box office numbers have recorded over a billion in revenue just from three of the top grossing films of 2018 so far. This has made for one of the most successful yearly quarters in film history! These top three grossing films should come as no surprise with the large anticipation that surrounded them pre-release and the hype during their time in cinema. The numbers alone speak for themselves with a collective revenue of approximately $1, 829, 874, 095 and still growing. Here’s a short synopsis of these top grossing films of 2018.

Top Grossing Box Office Films Worldwide

Black Panther

With all the buzz surrounding this film, it’s no surprise that it is one of the biggest grossing films of all time. The film is setup in an African utopia known as Wakanda, where king T’Challa returns home to reclaim his rightful throne as their new leader. However, T’Challa is challenged for the throne by foes from fractions within his homeland that threaten to destroy Wakanda. Enter the Black Panther, who must team up with a C.I.A Agent and the Wakandan special forces to stop the demise of Wakanda and the world at large.

Fifty Shades Freed

The second biggest grossing film of 2018 is the highly anticipated third instalment from the Fifty Shades of Grey series, based on the series of novels. The final instalment of this erotic romantic drama trilogy of movies was released in February, the month of love in 2018.  The third film cuts to the newlyweds who are believed to be in a much more stable state, with their shadowy past left behind them. As Ana, takes on her role as Mrs. Grey and Christian as a newly and unfamiliar reformed role of husband, new threats seem to destabilise their happy ending before it even begins.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The third and final instalment to the Maze Runner takes the third spot in the top grossing films for 2018. The movie has garnered a huge following since the release of the first Maze Runner movie. The Death Cure movie more than doubled its production budget in revenue and sales. Unlike the Black Panther, this movie is setup in a fictional American dystopia. In this film, the group of escapees embark on their most dangerous mission yet. In a bid to save their friends, they must try to break into the Last City which includes a WCKD-controlled labyrinth which could prove to be the deadliest maze off all they’ve come across. Anyone who makes it out alive will receive answer to all the questions they’ve all had since they first arrived in the maze. A risk that is surely worthy of the outcome.

Play at The Movies Online Pokie

If you couldn’t make it to see any of these top films of 2018, don’t worry, Casino-Mate has you covered with the best casino games online. At the Movies is fun and high-paying online pokie available at Casino-Mate. This 3D online pokie is developed by BetSoft, a leading gaming provider for all top online casinos. It’s a 5-reel with 25 paylines so you know payouts are assured. It contains superior and enhanced visuals that promises to entertain while you make a fortune playing it. The symbols in this online pokie cover a range of film genre as it is based on Hollywood. At the Movies contains reel icons for comedy, romance, action, horror and science fiction. Play this game for real money of for free right here at Casino-Mate Online Casino.

Casino-Mate Online Casino puts all their players in the driving seat, in the most literal sense possible. We’ve got a range of top car-themed online pokies that you just have to race over and try, even if you just try them out for free. Among our wide list of online pokies, we’ve got every theme and style imaginable and that’s why we’re at the top of the list of best online casinos. For now, allow us to introduce you to one of the best racing-themed pokies online. This racing pokie game is sure to get every car fan’s heart beating at over 200 kilometres per hour. So, on your marks, get set, and give it a go.

The Wild Chase 5-Reel Base Game

The Wild Chase Online Pokie Game

The Wild Chase online pokie will make sure you live your life in the fast lane. This high-octane online pokie game will have you revving the reels for its non-stop winning jackpot potential. However, before we toss you the keys to this bad boy, here’s all what you should know about it:

The Wild Chase Gameplay

The Wild Chase is based on a heist style theme pokie, mainly focusing on an action or heist movie’s car chase scene. You are the getaway driver and you hold the key to get away with thousands of dollars’ worth in diamonds and more. This online pokie has some really high-end and classy symbols that will catch your eye in an instant.

  • Base game symbols: There are nine symbols featured in the base game that all go along with the theme of the pokie game. They include, two male and two female characters, a bag of diamonds, a set of car keys, a smart watch, a diamond ring, and a full money clip.
  • Bonus game symbols: There are 2 bonus symbols in this 25 payline pokie. The first is the big ‘X’ wild symbol and the second is the bonus vault icon.

Respin Feature

During the base game or free spins bonus feature, players are able to trigger winning combinations that are multiplied by the wild symbol as follows:

  • One wild – multiplied by two
  • Two wilds – multiplied by three
  • Three wilds – multiplied by four
  • Four or more wilds – multiplied by five

Free Spins Bonus Feature

When players land three or more of the bonus vault icons on any of the reels in view, you will receive 10 free spins. During this bonus round, there will be at least one multiplier wild symbol on every spin to help players get bigger wins.

The Chase is on at Casino-Mate

The Wild Chase 5-reel video pokie is lots of fun and will pay out rewardingly at the same time too. Not every online casino has the top selection of online pokies that we have at Casino-Mate. So, when you try out The Wild Chase, if it’s not for you, try any of our other highly-rated online casino games for free or for real money by creating a casino account.

Game Information


The Wild Chase





Coin Range:

0.25 – 100.00

Progressive Jackpot:








Bonus Features:


Free Spins:








Game Type:

Video Slot

The 90th annual Academy Awards are set to air on 4 March 2018. With last year’s envelope mishap being one of the biggest talking points, hopefully the art will take centre stage this year. Nonetheless, the Oscars are always plagued with controversy of some sort. Whether it be alleged Oscar nomination snubs, or this year’s rise in women’s issues coverage. The Academy Awards will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel for the second year running. Here’s everything you need to know about the 90th annual Oscars, besides the actual nominees.

90 Oscars Annual Academy Awards 2018

Building Up to the 90th Academy Awards Ceremony

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the Oscars for the second time in a row. Building up to the prestigious award ceremony, early promos seem to jokingly suggest that anything could go wrong. This comes after last year’s announcement of La La Land as the Best Picture, only to be corrected as Moonlight winning the award. Kimmel has expressed some anxiety on how to approach this year’s ceremony, being stuck between commenting on last year’s mistake or just ignoring it. Either way, last year’s mix-up will still be a topic of discussion.

Another powerful narrative that has overtaken recent awards ceremonies is that of women’s issues. After the widespread coverage of the #MeToo movement, many A-list celebrities carried the momentum forward by launching the Time’s Up initiative. These included the likes of producer Shonda Rhimes, director Ava DuVernay and actor Reese Witherspoon. Besides the open letter written to the New York Times, prominent actresses were urged and followed through with a symbolic move to all wear black at the recent Golden Globes. This was a step for solidarity and a time to ignore the fashion police.

Biggest Oscar Nomination Snub of 2018

Every year at the Oscars, plenty of brilliant films and performances go unrecognised. While tastes may differ, a lot of people have found fault with the lack of nominations for Wonder Woman. This comes in a climate where the roof has been blown off on sexual harassment and gender inequality within the industry. 2017 was a year woman raised their voices against the injustices in the industry. Not that the Wonder Woman film needed any socio-political back story to be nominated, but this surely made its absence from the nominees list a bit jarring at the least to some. The significance of its performance in box office sales speaks for itself, generating a whopping $400 million in sales.

Casino-Mate Online Casino will make sure you aren’t left whistling or singing alone this upcoming March. That’s because we’re about to tell you about the most coveted gigs coming to Australia. With the line-up we’re about to share, your excitement will shoot through the roof! Together, these three acts have won a combined number of 11 Grammy awards, with countless nominations, other further honours and awards. Two acts are solo artists who have been blowing up the Billboard charts with their new albums and the third act is an iconic band in a league of their own. Without further delay, here are the acts below, with their tour dates for March 2018:

Top Performances in Australia for March

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has won Grammy awards for his hit singles; “Just the Way You Are”, “When I Was Your Man”, and “Uptown Funk”. Expect him to perform all these and other top favourites from his new Grammy nominated album, 24K Magic, and his older albums. Here are his tour dates below:

  • Wednesday, March 07. (Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, Australia)
  • Thursday, March 08. (Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, Australia)
  • Saturday, March 10. (Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, Australia)
  • Sunday, March 11. (Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, Australia)
  • Wednesday, March 14. (Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, Australia)
  • Thursday, March 15. (Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, Australia)
  • Saturday, March 17. (Qudos Bank Arena Sydney, Australia)
  • Sunday, March 18. (Qudos Bank Arena Sydney, Australia)
  • Tuesday, March 20. (Qudos Bank Arena Sydney, Australia)
  • Friday, March 23. (Qudos Bank Arena Sydney, Australia)
  • Saturday, March 24. (Qudos Bank Arena Sydney, Australia)
  • Monday, March 26. (Adelaide Entertainment Centre Adelaide, Australia
  • Wednesday, March 28. (Perth Arena Perth, Australia)
  • Thursday, March 29. (Perth Arena Perth, Australia)

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s break out single, “Thinking Out Loud” landed him a host of nominations and seen him winning Grammy Awards for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance. The English musician will also tour Australia during the following days:

  • Friday, March 02. (Perth Stadium Perth, Australia)
  • Saturday, March 03. (Perth Stadium Perth, Australia)
  • Wednesday, March 07. (The Oval Adelaide Adelaide, Australia)
  • Friday, March 09. (Etihad Stadium Docklands, Australia)
  • Saturday, March 10. (Etihad Stadium Docklands, Australia)
  • Sunday, March 11. (Etihad Stadium Docklands, Australia)
  • Monday, March 12. (Etihad Stadium Docklands, Australia)
  • Thursday, March 15. (ANZ Stadium Sydney, Australia)
  • Friday, March 16. (ANZ Stadium Sydney, Australia)
  • Tuesday, March 20 (Suncorp Stadium Brisbane, Australia)

Queen with Adam Lambert

It doesn’t get any more legendary than Queen. The band has managed to rake up the most prestigious awards over their time. These include being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, being the first band, as opposed to individual inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Among these awards, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You” and “We are the Champions” were all inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. To top off the band performing all their iconic hits, they will also be joined by 2011 Grammy-nominated, Adam Lambert on these days:

  • Friday, March 02. (Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, Australia)
  • Saturday, March 03. (Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, Australia)
  • Tuesday, March 06. (Perth Arena Perth, Australia)

Stay Entertained with Casino-Mate

If you haven’t got tickets to any of these shows, no stress. Casino-Mate gives all online casino players front row seats to the best online casino games for the safest, most convenient and highest paying real money online gambling site. For top-class casino games, come spin our online pokies or test your luck at our table games.

It’s difficult to believe that online gambling hasn’t been around for very long considering the huge strides it’s taken. Not only has it become commonplace, but its reach continues to grow year on year. What may have seemed like a fad at first surely isn’t going to die out any time soon, and many factors play a role in this assumption. Trends come and go, but online gambling has always seemed to adapt to keep up with the changing trends. One such trend, for instance, is the introduction of social communities to online casino brands. With the rise of social media, online casinos have created their own social profiles and have become more accessible and human, rather than just a venue with machines and tables as with land casinos. So, we can expect online casinos to take things a step further in the year 2018, and here’s how.

Future Online Casino Trends

Technology: To Infinity and Beyond

The technology of today thrusts us beyond where our reasonable minds can imagine. Technology is and will always be at the forefront of development for any industry and this is no different for online gambling. Popular platforms like Android and iOS now support numerous gambling apps that are able to emulate the standard of desktop gambling games, and even reach near physical form, too. Technology is what has kept online slots alive as they have changed over the years from 3-reel one-armed bandits to 5-reel fruit machines and video slots.

Virtual reality for online casinos

Virtual platforms are all the rage at the moment, even for online gambling. While it’s taken some time to get virtual reality (VR) to where it is today, it can now be fully and thoroughly enjoyed at home. That same VR technology experienced from Samsung’s VR or the Google Cardboard can be used in online casino games and makes a truly authentic and exciting online casino experience. Expect VR casino games to be more viable and accessible in 2018.

Augmented reality in online casinos

Augmented reality is all about bringing an experience to you, much like Pokémon Go, for those who have played it. How this differs from virtual reality, is that VR puts you into an experience. With the use of special glasses and gloves, AR can turn your living room into an online casino. While this is not predicted to be ready by the end of 2018, it’s still something that is around the corner for the average online gambler as the technology for it already exists.

Experience Real Casino Gambling Online at Casino-Mate

Casino-Mate is the #1 casino site for top-class online gambling. We bring you the best new casino games first from a number of different gaming operators rather than just one. To get a real casino feel, come play our online slots and table games at Casino-Mate. As the leader in online casinos, we encourage responsible gaming and gambling for entertainment purposes only for online casino players.

Christmas is always a very special time of giving and spoiling those we love the most. But, why do we only have one day dedicated to doing this? That’s why Casino-Mate is committed and devoted to providing our loved and loyal online casino players with 10 days of Christmas-spirited rewards. This promotion runs throughout the Christmas festive season to ensure that it stays the most wonderful time of the year for longer.

Experience 10 Days of Christmas Spirit

What is the Promotion About?

To break it down simply, only players with a real money casino account can participate in this 10 Days of Christmas promotion. This is because players are required to make a deposit before receiving their secret gift box that will award them with a mystery prize. Here’s how it works:

  • The promotion runs from between 21st December to 30th December 2017.
  • During these 10 days, players can choose from 10 mystery bonus boxes available on the banking page.
  • Only once you deposit the required amount, will your mystery box reveal the treasure inside.
  • There are no booby-prizes as all boxes either contain a deposit match bonus or free spins.
  • Only one offer may be claimed per day and there are no repeat prizes once a mystery bonus box is selected.

Santa is clearly beginning his journey early and starting at Casino-Mate to deliver these generous mystery bonus boxes. So, whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, as long as you have a casino account with us, you have access to this promotion during the set period.

What’s in the Bonus Boxes?

These are the prizes that are awarded in no particular order as players choose a mystery box at random without knowing what they contain. Here are the prizes you can claim on any given day, during the promotional period:

  1. 20 free spins on Christmas Carol
  2. 30 free spins on Sakura Fortune
  3. 50 free spins on Crystal Queen
  4. 20% deposit match bonus up to $500 + 20 free spins on Second Strike
  5. 25% deposit match bonus on your next 3 deposits
  6. 30% uncapped deposit bonus
  7. 40% deposit match bonus up to $200
  8. 50% deposit match bonus up to %100
  9. 75% deposit match bonus up to $150
  10. 100% deposit match bonus up to $100

Come enjoy Christmas with the leading Online Gambling Site

Casino-Mate has always delivered the best promotions and casino games for online casino players. We’ve established ourselves at the top of online casinos because of our wide variety of different themed slot games. Sticking with the Christmas theme, why not try any of these festive season slots for free or real money when you’re ready to win big:

  • Christmas Carol
  • Santa
  • Holiday Season

Australia is well known for its incredible sporting reputation. In fact, Melbourne is even recognised as the sporting capital of the world. This is no surprise considering how many major annual events Melbourne hosts. These include; F1, the Australian Open, Spring Racing Carnival, MotoGP. In addition to all these major events, Australians are consistently raking in the top awards. However, Aussies are also starting to make their mark in e-sports.


Evolution of E-Gaming

In the past, e-gaming never seemed possible, nor would anyone think it could become a profession. However, today many millennials have transformed e-gaming into multimillion dollar events. Today, the most popular e-sport games come from Blizzard Entertainment. Some of their major games include; Starcraft II, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. What makes these games so popular is the world championship events held for each title.

Annual BlizzCon Convention

The Starcraft II, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm world championships are held annually at the BlizzCon convention in Los Angeles. These championships are considered as the highest level of professional gaming. This year was the first year to see three Aussie teams qualifying for the event, which took place on November 3 and 4 2017.

To qualify for the event, the three Aussie teams had to battle it out locally and overcome their opponents. From here they received their right to battle it out on the $1.3 million-dollar stage.

Andrew “RGT” Haws led the Overwatch team. His team included, Ajay “Aetar” Umasankar, Jason “Ieatuup” Ho, Jordan “Gunba” Graham, Marcus “Kiki’ Jacob, and Ashley “Trill” Powell.

Kane “Yunex” Dennis was the leader for the World of Warcarft team. His team included; Nathan “Primez” Saccuzzo, Joel “Streaming” Barker and Jonny “Rook” Brett.

Jeremy “Moops” Setio lead the final Australian team in the Heroes of the Storm event. His team mates included; Hayden “Sashin” Kang, Joshua “Hacky” Hackett, Ashley “DeMiSe” Branson and Robert “Robadobah” Purling.

The Overwatch team managed to make it to the quarter-finals where they were defeated by Canada 2-3. While, the other 2 teams were eliminated early on in the tournament. However, all three teams were proud to represent Australia. Especially, the World of Warcraft team, as they were the first Australian World of Warcraft team to qualify for the event.

The Aussies are looking forward to the 2018 season, where they are hoping to keep the Aussie flag flying high. In the mean-time, while we wait for the 2018 season to start, players can stay entertained with top free pokie games and table games at Casino-Mate.

Fairy Gate is an online pokie that opens up players to a world of magic and fantasy. This pokie machine is a 5-reel and 20 paylines video pokie created by Quickspin. The Fairy Gate online pokie not only boasts great payouts for players, but makes sure they have lots of fun playing it. So, sprinkle a little fairy dust and enter into a world where you can let your imagination run wild.

Fairy Gate Pokie Game Review

How to Play Fairy Gate

This enchanted pokie game will have players seeking the rewards held by the magical fairies of the forest. Playing is simple and rewarding with the Fairy Gate online pokie game. This online pokie has a range of wonderful features and symbols that are waiting to pay you out the moment you land them. Once players have selected their total bet, which ranges from $0.20 to 100, they can set the reels in motion by pressing “Spin”. Players can also click on “Autoplay” to spin the reels for a number of times that they set. Now it’s time to learn which symbols will help you win big!

Wild symbol

The wild symbols in Fairy Gate are a very special feature of this pokie game. These symbols can replace any other non-winning symbol, except for the scatter, to make you win. A combination of wild symbols in Fairy Gate can also make winning combinations of its own by lining up 3 or more on active paylines.

Scatter symbol

Scatters are another set of symbols that can make your stay at Fairy Gate unforgettable. By landing these symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5, players can trigger the Free Spins feature. Two additional reels will magically come into play to help you win even bigger.

Bonus rounds

The bonus rounds are activated, by random, much more frequently. This offers players the chance to play the Fairy Wild Respins feature. When activated, the tree with a door carved into it will open to reveal 2 extra reels once again to help you win a magical amount of money.

                                                  Pokie Information



Coins Range:



Video Pokie





Bonus Round:




Free Spins


Total Coins:


Available for Mobile:


Play Fairy Gate at Casino-Mate

Fairy Gate can be enjoyed at our world-class online casino. Players can bet real money on this pokie game or just play for the fun of it. No matter which one you choose, you’re always welcome to play online pokies and stay at Casino-Mate!